Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gary turns 20

We were in celebration mode around here yesterday. My oldest son, Gary, reached a big milestone. He's no longer a teenager. He's in his twenties; like he's a man. Gee, that's a hard one for all of us to swallow. It really hit me when he came home and I hugged him. That tall, lanky, cheeks with whiskers, no longer a boy- son of mine. I can't believe I'm the mother to a child that old. Where has the time gone?

Gary is taking a break from college (he just needs to finish up his senior year in Middle East studies.) and is working full time, trying to save money and prepare for a season of missionary service for our church. On Friday, he called from work to tell me that he got a huge promotion. A step up from manager to supervisor- a twenty year old kid in charge of 35 adult employees! All of them older than he is. Plus a $3 pay increase. It couldn't have happened at a better time.

His two good friends, the Kyle 1 and Kyle 2 as we like to call them, arranged with me to surprise Gary at his apartment and take him out to breakfast with a round of Frisbee golf to follow.

He came home to this:

Ear to ear grin as he pulled up and walked up to the house.

We called Mama and Papa to join us for dinner at India Palace. (That's what he felt like.) Every single one of us loved it.

My mom, a little apprehensive at first, was surprised at how good everything was. We feasted. Oh, boy, we feasted.

Came home for strawberry shortcake. Gary's choice every year.

Happy to have a few of Gary's friends join us. They were so cute to decorate his car and do a little treasure hunt surprise to make his birthday special.
He decided to spend the night here. As I went up to my bed, it was so fun to hear my oldest three, Gary, Jane, and Sam talking and laughing together. Now, as I write, he's here zonked out on the couch. I'm glad he loves to come home every weekend since he's moved out.
Hope you had a happy birthday, Gare. I'm so proud of the person you are and the gift you've been in my life.
Thank you for all you've taught me.
Thank you for your patience with me, as I've learned how to be your mom.
Thank you for your integrity.
Thank you for your glorious smiles.
Thank you for being you.

With all my heart,


  1. ah, i see your awesome pantry too!

    Gary sounds like a great "kid". Good job Mom :)

  2. FUN! Worthy celebration for sure! Got to love Gary! I wish him the best and I hope that it'll be a fulfilling year to follow! :D