Saturday, March 19, 2011

i like saturday

~slept in. whoo-whoo.

~worked in the kitchen (slicing cucumbers) for a church women's conference luncheon. (over 250 ladies- now that's a lot of cucumbers.)

~read a few chapters from Edith Wharton's Brunner Sisters.

~cleaned my bathroom, dusted and vacuumed my room. Feels nice.

~took a load to the thrift store.

~strolled the thrift store book aisles. (left with nothing.)

~welcomed Isaac home from spending the night at Gary's apartment. Heard all about their fun time together. WALL-E, university museum and library outing, taking photos with the camera, dinner at Denny's, sweet cereal breakfast, Scrabble game, lunch at the Creamery. Memories and smiles to last a lifetime.

~fried up more Naan bread for the kids.

~dropped off Sam at Mama and Papa's to watch the big game.

~evening out with Keith. Thai food for dinner. University art museum gallery featuring a Dorothea Lange photography exhibit . (Really enjoyed that.) Took in an international cinema film (also at the University): The Cup ..."is a 1999 comedy film directed by Khyentse Norbu. The plot involves two young football-crazed Tibetan refugee novice monks in a remote Himalayan monastery in India who desperately try to obtain a television for the monastery to watch the 1998 World Cup final." Cute.

~really cool today and rain falling now.


  1. I am reading a book about Dorthea Lange's life right now. I can't put it down. She's so interesting. I need to get over and see that exhibit! Her first husband was Maynard Dixon and if I'm not mistaken, BYU had a bunch of his paintings too. (I need to go check the website.)

    Sounds like a wonderful Saturday. We ate Thai last night too. :)

  2. I loved Lange's photography! It was a really nice lunch! I enjoyed meeting sister Bishop! I bet Isaac and Gary just had a great time. I love when we live life purposely set in making wonderful memories with the people we love. I remember waking up before dawn with my younger brothers to watch the sunrise on our bacyard in Africa - wonderous moment for a 7 year-old! The movie sounds hilarious!