Thursday, March 3, 2011

me no likey

No, I'm not feeling especially negative today. Just thought it would be a fun exercise in self- discovery to think about what some of my pet peeves are.
What are some things that annoy you?

~forgetting where I parked my car in the parking lot and wandering around like a very lost person~ice in my drinks~being late~presumptuousness~disrespect~video and electronic games or toys~ feeling hopeless~soda~second hand smoke
~high dives

This is Jane last summer jumping off the platform diving pad just seconds before landing and breaking her back. I found this picture of her on Facebook. Whoa.

~whining~tax return deadlines~burn out, mental and emotional fatigue ~synthetic, artificial, or fake anything... food, fragrances, fabrics, feelings, etc. ~feeling ignored ~being taken for granted or having someone take advantage of me ~annoying beeping noises, like alarm clocks ~not being able to find my keys ~telemarketing calls ~when men try to act like they are more superior than women ~ bugs flying in my mouth while running ~dull scissors ~weeds ~pretentious and condescending people ~country music ~split pea soup ~clutter ~getting a shot

~getting startled by a snake (My yard is full of them. Woe is me.)

~hypocrisy ~having a messy kitchen ~know-it -all people ~the Spinning Tea Cups and Tilt-a-Whirl type rides

~eating octopus ~stopping on a hill in a stick-shift truck ~insensitivity ~twirling on the monkey bars ~driving through southern Wyoming ~picking up other people's stuff ~the taste of cola drinks ~parallel parking~having to choose between good, better, and best~not being able to follow through on my good intentions and desires


  1. i really no-likey snakes!!

  2. I'll agree on the snakes, although having two or three live under the front step has helped. o.O

  3. Dido! Except for ice in the drinks! I like that!