Thursday, March 31, 2011

(More) Book Love

I know I recently shared some of my favorite fiction titles here: To add a bit more to that theme, I thought I'd share this post from my old blog archives.


An all too common sight:

Off with my nose in a book on our cabin get- away vacation a couple of years ago.

I love books. I even named a child after a book, for crying out loud! I love the way they feel and I love the way they smell. They are very important to my well being. I'm not a content person unless I'm involved with a book. I didn't get my college degree, but I know that through my love affair with books I can really say that I have gained an education. I like to have several going on at once. If you looked in my book basket you would probably find gripping fiction, something historical in nature, biographies, culture, parenting, education, self-help (especially simple living types), cooking, health and nutrition, poetry, and seasonal titles. Even in the age of the Internet where you can find information instantly, I think that having a book in one's hands is one of life's dearest pleasures. (I don't think I'll ever succumb to a Kindle, Nook, or any other new fangled i-pad type books. Call me old fashioned.)

Since Keith and I were married, we've collected quite a few books. There are books in each bedroom, cookbooks filling bookcases in both the kitchen pantry, as well as the music room, nice hardback classics, two sets of encyclopedias, Childcraft volumes, and how-to books in the downstairs family room, and our "library" that we felt was necessary on the main floor. When we moved here, we put up floor to ceiling shelving and now I can see it's time for more shelves as the paper backs are growing in number. The "library" also houses children's geography, science, history, arts and crafts, activity books, poetry, Homeschool curriculum, and education books. Magazines (The Friend, Kids Discovery, Ranger Rick, World) are also have their place on the shelves. There are also baskets scattered here and there; like the seasonal books by the fireplace.

Our "library" room bookshelves

As you can see, books are a big deal at our house. Library visits are made weekly and are necessary. So important, in fact, that we pay a stiff fee to access a much larger library than our own city one. It is probably the only place I go to regularly besides the grocery store and church. All the librarians know me as "the lady with loads of books in a stroller or wheeled cart". It's like Christmas to me, knowing I can come out with so many wonderful treasures. Many times I've gotten books that they don't have, through inter-library loans. Books have come from all parts of the country; tiny little obscure libraries that just might have the title I'm looking for. Using the library has saved me tons of money over the years. I buy books only if I absolutely love them or know that I really need it to refer to. Otherwise, we just check it out.

The children's picture book wing of our beloved library

Bookstores are another favorite place for me. I met Keith in a bookstore. (Of course.) It seems it's the sort of place where we end up at the end of our date night. (Him off in one corner, me in another.) I could spend hours there, (you'll find me sitting on the floor in some corner with stacks to peruse) and let's not forget used bookstores. I drool over vintage (pre-60's) children's books. Every birthday or Christmas gifting has to have books on the list.

One of the sweetest joys of motherhood has been reading to my children. I'm so grateful for that time we've had together, the memories we've shared, the laughter and the tears. Every morning you can find me reading on the couch with whoever is home. It varies with scripture stories, poems, seasonal picture books, history books, and then we are onto our "chapter" book. We have visited different countries, lived in different time periods, and learned about the lives of great men and women with our book adventures. We've also learned about ourselves. Lots of good discussion has been the result. Even as I see a messy kitchen and hear the laundry calling my name, I will never, ever, regret spending those precious hours reading to my kids. One of the best things I've done as their mother.

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  1. Left to Tell - I recognize that book! It was really good.

    We love books but have a much, much smaller library. I'm kind of a minimalist when it comes to owning books.

    But I LOVE libraries and like you we visit every week and the libraries are on a first name basis with our family and chat with us like we're friends.