Monday, March 21, 2011

More Cool Creations From the Kids

~Just want to express a heartfelt thanks for all the sweet comments you left about yesterday's "Enchanted World of Eliza" post. I called her over and had her read every single one and I know those kind and generous compliments gave her a happy boost. You are such nice friends!

As promised, here are those Iroquois longhouses I wanted to show you. Eliza and Sam made them about three or four years ago when we were studying Native Americans in our homeschool. Projects like these make the learning come alive. The kids had a ball planning, collecting, and putting what they envisioned in their minds into formation. Good old Mom (that's me) was designated the official glue-gun go-to guy.

(Blistered fingers aside.) These hands on learning experiences are the types of things that made our homeschooling journey so memorable and fun. I could fill a book about it all.

(This is before I understood the power of natural lighting. The dang flash killed all the details. Sorry.)

I can't resist showing you some more of Eliza's nature figures.
These are some pages from her nature notebook. She went through a phase where she would find leaves and flowers and then construct clothing for her drawn fairy figures. She'll turn 13 in May and I think she was about 9 or 10 when she did these. (As well as the dolls near the end of this post.)

These were some of the "early period felt wee folk"

Autumn Forest Folk.

Don't you love the acorn caps for hats? I love the sweet look on the face of the little boy.

Mermaid Lady
She comes out each year for the August sea-side themed nature table.


  1. wow these are pretty amazing!
    I just love when children use their creativity...
    The work is so beautiful...

  2. Emily, she is showing talents enough for costume and set designing allready! And I know how well she draws and paints. This is part of her core no doubt! Her creativity amazes me - the felt folk are just adorable! Love the colors. I would love the see the entire collection shown in an exhibition!

  3. very impressive. love her creativity!!

  4. These are stunning. She really should submit her fairy houses and these drawings (with better lighting) to Design Mom and Design Sponge.

  5. Resistance is futile! You must continue to show us Eliza's stuff!

  6. We are so impressed and inspired by Eliza's creations! Her fairy world and fairy pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!
    My daughter is going crazy over them... I love all the unique things she uses like a wasp nest for the sofa cushion!!WOW!!
    She got it from her very talented mother I am sure!