Friday, March 11, 2011

sew much fun

First off, I just want to officially welcome all you new readers. I notice that a lot more people are visiting this little space of mine. That's so exciting and it makes me glad! Thanks to you who have left such sweet comments.

Just want to share a glimpse of a sewing project I've got underway. Seems like I haven't done something like this in ages. It was kind of random, but spurred on by my dear friend Mane.

Keith had gone through his closet awhile back and decided to ditch a bunch of worn out jeans. So Wednesday, Mane and I spent a couple hours in the morning cutting jean squares for quilts. What a neat way to re-use and recycle! I thought a picnic quilt sounded good. I had some other heavy fabric to use up (extra from a pair of pants I made for Isaac a few years back) that would add some cheer to the quilt.

I really enjoyed sewing that top together yesterday. A very fun and easy project. Now alls I have to do is sandwhich it with a backing and some batting, tie it together, and bind the edges.

I think we'll call it "The Pants With Nobody Inside Them Quilt". I'll make sure to show you when it's all done.

Happy Weekend. Hope you do something fun for yourself.


  1. I love sewing projects like this! So cute! I have got that sewing bug right now, trying to find something to sew!

  2. It looks great! And what a great name for it! (It sounds like a great children's book title to me)I can't wait to see the final result! I bought a pair of scissors and I was suprised to see the points look exactly that way! It made laugh right there in the store - When you have a fixed idea of how things are supposed to look one can became very prejudiced! Love ya Emily!

  3. What a great idea! I don't know how to sew, but admire those of you who do:) The idea of re-purposing the jeans is awesome.

  4. Emily, I have so enjoyed your blog, and have been meaning to leave a comment. I knit, sew and run, so lots in common! It's a busy season for my family right now, life will begin to settle a bit over the weekend and you will hear a little more from me. Great work, and inspiration!
    (30 Day Vegan)

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