Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gratitude Sunday

~For the wonderful return of springtime. Reminders of new life, new beginnings, renewal, rebirth, and redemption.

Taken by Gary These were taken by Eliza

~to have two days of short sleeve shirt weather. A welcome reprieve between this week's rain and chill, and now with this morning's new fallen snow.

~for the sweetest friend who's always there. Who always knows.

~for the man I love who I can pour my heart to in a truck in a parking lot. Those deepest holdings held within for so long. The fears, the confusion, the life long struggles, the anger, the doubts. To be able to trust him with completeness. To have someone that can listen without judgement. Who understands. Who accepts me and loves me just the way I am, even when I'm so unlovable. To be able to feel a release, a shift, a burden somehow lifted.

~for the desire to go running yesterday after feeling so flat, tired, and unmotivated. For Jim, that friend I met on the road and who I ran with for awhile, whose friendly waves and encouraging words are a gift to everyone around him; to me, to the other runners, to neighbors, drivers, and strangers. Seeing and feeling that brought a ray of sunshine in my soul.

~for the work and contribution of my children yesterday in helping create order in our home. For Sam raking out the flower beds. For Jane being so willing to clean the kitchen after my lunchtime cooking frenzy. For Eliza clearing out the neglected disaster in the library. All these things were hanging over my head and it's so nice, now, to feel more at peace here at home.

~for words and council spoken to millions, but feeling like they were meant for my ears and my heart alone. Balm.

~for receiving the unexpected surprise of a friend's postcard in the mail. To know that she is thinking of me, remembering me, and reaching out.

~then later on last night, finding the words expressed in this book echo my own unsaid feelings in such a way that it leaves me with a feeling, a feeling that I can't deny, that these words, spoken from a pulpit yesterday, found in books like this one, and all the gifts and blessing I've acknowledged here today, are His way of speaking to my soul, manifesting and reassuring me of his constant presence in my life. Of His never failing love and awareness of me.


  1. Grateful to read this words today! Grateful for the comfort that reaches your soul and the fortitute you have!

  2. Friday was so beautiful, I'm grateful my body allowed me to get out and work hard in the sunshine.

    Em, you are wonderful. I hope you know that.