Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a little fashion show

Are you up for a little Show and Tell? I've been trying to sneak in as much time with my sewing machine as I can with all this free time that spring break allows. It's been really enjoyable to sit without (much) interruption and work on these projects. This peasant-style blouse turned out so cute for Eliza. I plan on making more of these. I really love wearing skirts on warm summer days at home. So breezy and comfortable. Just pull one on and I'm good to go.
I had found this patchwork fabric in bright primary colors last summer and made a skirt up for Eliza. It was so fun that I decided to make some for me.

These simple knit skirts, in navy and tan, will go with almost everything in my closet. I know these will get tons of wear.

No sewing yesterday. I took the kids to the planetarium where we enjoyed a new IMAX movie called Born to Be Wild. We also hit Hires Big H, a state burger institution. Keith's mom always took us there and the kids have missed it.

Lots of book reading going on, new warm weather clothing shopping, (the kids are outgrowing most everything in their drawers.) movies and popcorn, sleeping in, running for me, basketball at the city center and neighbor yard work jobs for Sam.

I like this time to rejuve.


  1. I love your springy patchwork skirt, and Eliza's top is so cute. I really need to try my hand at sewing clothes, but it makes me say bad words.

  2. All so cute! Yes, let this be a break and time to rejuvenate! You are doing well!

  3. LOVE

    I would totally wear those skirts and the shirt too! Did you follow a pattern or are you that good?