Tuesday, May 3, 2011

running up hills

she looked through her eyes
at others
they made it look easy
they even looked like
enjoyed it
she couldn't do it
she despised the simpler thing
she could not imagine doing the harder thing
and liking it
was certainly
there was something
something deep down inside her
that seemed...
to say...
she could

where did that something come from?
that deep down inside of her
who put it there?

there was so much around her telling her
showing her that she couldn't
yet there was that Something
that said she could

so she tried
it wasn't easy
she wanted to give up
but still that Something
told her
what she really wanted
not to give up
kept on
made a little progress and
she made a little more
until again
she looked through her eyes
those same two eyes
but this time
at herself
same two eyes
but same self?
she made it
and what's more
she had
enjoyed it

what else
is there
look upon?

~Keith Crofts

1 comment:

  1. I love this poem of Keith. Is gives a glimpse of his love for you! Sweet!