Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scott'sbluff, Nebraska~ Dinner on the Farm

June 28

Drove all day. Dinner and visit with Keith's cousin Bruce and his sweet wife Debbie on their farm in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Such a nice visit with them both. So much warmth and hospitality. Debbie outdid herself, trying to make things nice for us.

This land is different. So very, very flat. So much open space and big sky. One of the kids noticed that the air feels heavier. More humid than where we come from. Without the mountains, I feel a little lost. A little vulnerable. Like I can't get my bearings. Where is north, which way is east? But I like this difference. These empty, flat plains seem so peaceful to me. 

Like you can breathe.
Like you can just feel.
And be.


  1. great pictures. enjoy your trip!

  2. Awesome pictures!! Can't wait till you get here.