Wednesday, June 8, 2011

While Away

Hello there! Thanks for popping by. And thank you so much for all those thoughtful, sincere comments, concerned emails, and kind, encouraging words. I took them all to heart. Truly. They all and you all mean so much. I love you guys.

I have lots to share. I realized how much I'd missed blogging after about two days. I knew I couldn't and wouldn't stay away. There's just too much goodness that needs to be captured. Memories, experiences, and feelings that need to be expressed, shared, and remembered.

Sometimes it's good to step away for awhile and come back with new eyes. To take a break and start fresh. That's what I've found. Sure, there are good days and not so good days. But, I'm seeing more and more, that when I look at my life through the lens of gratitude, the beauty and gifts are limitless.

As I think back on this month that I've been away, I see so much fullness. Here's what I've been up to:

~celebrated 21 years of marriage to Keith with a romantic bed and breakfast getaway, Indian food, a quilt and art exhibit.

~Mother's Day made extra special with breakfast in bed from the girls. They went the extra mile with vegan pancakes and everything.

~movie outing with my mom, Mane and her daughter Sarah, and Eliza and Jane to see Jane Eyre. So fun.

~weekend away with Mane in Midway (Alan, her sweet husband, provided this for her and asked me to tag along. I jumped enthusiastically.), including lots of talk, outlet shopping, and good eats.

~rain, rain, and more rain.

~*set up the porch. Fern love.

~planted flowers. I'm so glad I'm doing red geraniums this year.

~*finally found a dry day to plant my garden. All that rain is doing it good. I think.

~took an impromptu meal to an artist friend who's in crunch-time. That made me happy.

~*was given the go ahead from Eliza (bless her sweet heart) to convert her bedroom (she moved back in with Jane until August) into the "studio" of my dreams. I'm planning on doing a lot of sewing this summer (I'm doing a quilt for Jane) and providentially found the perfect work table at a garage sale. (It was a sign!) I can't tell you how much having this all-to-myself space brings me so much joy.

~*pieced a table runner with scraps I've had. Also made an extra quilt block to hang on the kitchen wall.

~fulfilled a "bucket list" dream of mine by going to see U2 in concert. So much fun to share this with Gary and Jane. Perma-grin and tears throughout.

~took Eliza with me on a Saturday to Spring City's Heritage Tour. Antiques, artist's studios, and pioneer style home restorations. Fun and inspiring one-on-one time with my girl.

~*long run (10-12 mile) Saturday morning training runs in preparation for the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay coming up on June 17-18. Our team, "Scrambled Legs and Achin" is going to rock. So excited.

~learning more about herbs.

~Memorial Day picnic in the rain. It's tradition that will never die. Good to see Keith's brother Curt and his family visiting from Denver.

~*put together a (comprehensive) home-wellness kit.

~end of the school year wrap ups. Awards banquets, final orchestra concert for Jane, Davis's senior recital (Jane's good friend. She played at that one, too.), potlucks, parties, and programs, registering Isaac for 2nd grade next year, Seminary (religious education) graduation, special dinner date (a special tradition) with Dad and I for Jane to the Roof Restaurant in the big city.

Today, Jane graduated from high school. A milestone.

Where has the time gone?

*these will have followed-up, more detailed posts. See you soon.



  1. So many things in one small month. You look radiant, and I think time away has served you well.

  2. agree. you look so good.