Friday, July 22, 2011

cracked rib? oh, geez.

Happy Friday, y'all!

I can't believe how much I've gotten done this week. Yesterday, especially. I was on fire. Not sure where all this energy and get-up-and-go is coming from.

~Ran 5 miles
~Weeded the garden
~Visited with two neighborhood friends in my living room and took them on a tour of my garden (they begged. me embarrassed. good thing I weeded.)
~Did two loads of laundry
~Picked up Sam from basketball camp
~Organized (still lots more to do) some in my storage room
~Laughed at the conversation between Isaac and Eliza about medieval people's not having belly buttons (I begged him to let me tell you guys, but he refused. I respect that. Sort of.)
~Made granola
~Cleaned my bathroom
~Read an Ebook
~Made a good dinner (chunky salsa with corn, two beans, avocado, peppers, over quinoa and romaine.)
~Talked to Jane about her college credits and schedule. (Lots to do before she heads off.)
~More computer time
~Bagged a load of outgrown clothes for the thrift store

Then, after all that, I happily (and gratefully) sat down in my bedroom reading nook with my new stack of library goodies. Bent over to the side sharp against the chair, ribs pressed tight.

Then I heard (and felt) a pop.

Cracked rib? Probably.

Dull ache that seemed to get worse as the night went on. Not really bad, but just there. Can feel it when I take in a deep breath. Bending over to the side. Called my mom who has an unbelievable history of the same thing happening to her since the onset of middle age. Like when she's bent over cleaning the tub, bending over to pick up something from her sewing chair, bending over to get something in the center aisle of an airplane, tripping into the garbage bin, etc. etc. She'd know what to tell me.

I guess I'll know for sure tomorrow. She says that's when the pain really starts.

It sure is a wake up call. I'm not invincible. Osteoporosis is huge in my family. When I was 29, all my sisters, cousins, and aunts were involved with a University study to determine the roll osteoporosis plays in family genetics. It showed, at that time, that I was in the early stages of the disease. Enough to start taking Fosamax. I did, and then did another bone scan a few years later. Same results. Over the years, I've rebelled (that's an old lady disease), had two more babies, wanted to nurse them, and subsequently stopped taking the medicine, hoping now that the running and diet changes will strengthen my bones and reverse the diagnosis.

Knowing there's nothing you can do for broken ribs but rest, I  think taking some bone strengthening herbs will help. I started that first thing last night. Feeling about the same with the pain not really being noticeable this morning. Anxious to see how I'll fare in the next few days. Hoping I can go on with all I'm trying to do without too much of a glitch.

Maybe I just need to slow down.


  1. Oh! That sounds painful. I hope you are doing alright and heal quickly.

  2. i have heard that rib pain is the worst. Yes, slow down :) Take care. Rest.

  3. I am so sorry about the rib! I am glad you taken easier today! Your garden looks good even with weeds!We don't seem to take a like to quinoa - it is too bad because is such a good grain!You did accomplish a lot. I like when feel all energetic because it makes you glow! Get better soon!