Sunday, July 3, 2011

Door County, Wisconsin~ All Together Again

We arrived at my sister Sara and her husband Dave's home Friday evening. Natalie, the sister just older than me (there are five girls in my family) moved here in December with her two teenage kids Lacy and John. They live just around the corner from Sara. Joyfully reunited, hugs and happy tears all around.

Dave had come out to Utah the week before we left to attend his brother's wedding. He brought their son, Oliver with him. He flew back and we were happy to bring Oliver back with us to Wisconsin. Gary flew out this afternoon to join us for the rest of the trip. I'm so glad he's here.

Last night, cousins Oliver and Conner went fishing with some family friends out on Lake Michigan. (It's just two blocks away from Sara's house.) Look what they reeled in! Two enormous salmon that we enjoyed tonight for dinner. Way to go, boys!

Natalie's house. I just love her darling window boxes.
After dinner, some of us took a walk down to the harbor. Most of Saturday afternoon was spent on the beach. I still can't get over how huge Lake Michigan is. Seems just like the ocean.

Keith, Gary, and Jane are excited for the chance to head out on the lake tomorrow morning. They have high hopes.


  1. I am from Michigan - did you know that? I love your sisters house. And, that salmon! wow!!

  2. Any shore bring everlasting memories! Carpae Dium!Send my love to Sarah and Natalie! There's nothing like a sister! The pics are gorgeous! I love those houses!