Saturday, July 16, 2011

going home

I lay in bed here
in this guest bedroom of Curt and Jessica,
Keith brother's home in Denver.
Need to get going.
Been up since five.
Smell that familiar
coffee, pancake, bacon smell.
Hear that nice and easy guitar man
singing sound
playing on the stereo above
and those two brother voices
in the kitchen.
Stomach-ache bloating from
yesterday's gorge-fest of
Subways and licorice nibs and cookies and
meaty-cheesy pizza and chips and dips and cheesecake.
(why, oh, why?)

I'm ready for home
now, I see.
My own bed, my garden, my kitchen, my food, my rhythm.
Routines and familiar return to ordinary
We've been filled
with such good abundance,
now hoping
that all this will linger
in our hearts
and memories
in empty days
to come.


  1. well said Emily. Home is good but after the amazing time your family just had - home may be different. Hope your transition will go smoothly.