Tuesday, July 5, 2011

independance day on the bay

country drive across the peninsula
giggles, passing through tiny village of Euren
church friends gather
at lakeside home
friendly introductions
potluck shared
brats and buns,
(a Wisconsin must)
lawn chair circles under shady tree canopy
storytelling and
never ending laughter
heard, as
sun glistens on water
slow and easy canoe glides
exhilarating jet ski shrieks
buckets of seashell treasure found
touch football, young and old,
on open lawn
new friends seem like old friends
sunset blaze
mosquitoes pester
eyes are wide
we ooh and ahh
with necks craned
as glory light
fills darkened


  1. Summer delights! And sweet moments and memories! Priceless photos! I am so happy for you!

  2. Oh it's Natalie!!! Please tell her hello from Susette (Hardy) Fisher.

    What a beautiful and fabulous vacation it looks like you are all having.