Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Wisconsin Vignettes~ Vacation Memories

~took a drive for good custard.
(this is Wisconsin, don't cha noo?)

~liked seeing all the interesting boats sitting in the harbors.
~ran along the boardwalk with the morning sun shining on water. Beautiful.
~got spoiled with Aunt Sara's yummy (forbidden) food.
~shared one and a half bathrooms with 15 or so odd people for over a week.

~Took a tour of Lambeau Field, deep in the heart of Packerland.

~tried on goofy cheezehead hats, too.
~stayed up after midnight (more than once) playing Settler's of Catan around the kitchen table.
~shelled, ate, and enjoyed the neighbor's fresh peas.

~took photos of interesting architecture.
~walked to the grocery store.
~liked the mindfulness when washing dishes by hand.
~visit Renard's Cheese Factory and  Weinke's Market for treats to take back home.

~went to the White Gull Inn for a fish boil.
~took bike rides on quiet country roads.
~worked out with Sara and Dave's trainer, Don Poore. (Makes Us Sore)

~built sandcastles with our cousins on the beach.
~played night games in the pitch black with little glows of firefly light.
~stayed up way past bedtime to watch Mr. Bean, old Twilight Zone re-runs, and Swamp People (in honor of "Cajun Day").
~went rummage sale-ing with Sara.
~laughed in the kitchen with and at Dave.
~had sweet heart to heart talks and bonding time with these two sisters of mine.

We leave Wisconsin tomorrow morning. We head to Illinois for 3 nights. It's hard to say goodbye. We've loved this time. We'll cherish these sweet memories. Thank you Sara and Dave, Stuart, Connor, Oliver, Chloe, Natalie, Lacy, and John for welcoming us into your homes and hearts.

We love you all so much.


  1. Sweet times. Feels like a great vacation!Especially if you walked to the grocery stores and had bike rides! Love the architecture in there. Travel safe!

  2. and you took SO MANY good pictures!! loved each one.

  3. I have been enjoying your pictures and adventures so much. I'm sad your trip is almost over too!