Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a rainy summer afternoon

They gathered around the kitchen table after lunch.
Monopoly was the game of choice.
Isaac begged.
Sam was eager.
Eliza complied gracefully, albeit reluctantly.
Then the rain started.
Thunder, even.
Six hours, never leaving the table once,
the game was finished.
Sam triumphant.
They are raring to have a go at it again today.
Isaac says he wants to have a Monopoly tournament on his birthday with every person in the family playing. 
("It's fun, Mom!")
Mom is gearing up. 


  1. good times!!

    love that first picture.

  2. Windows are such a great picture subject! Love family games - I wish you gather more often to do that! It will be a great B-day party for Isaac!

  3. Calculator out...this is serious...