Thursday, August 4, 2011

around the house morning

I love these summer mornings.
I love the ease of it all.
No place to go. No carpools.
No getting kids out the door in a mad rush.
Not being governed by school schedules and deadlines.
We can get up when we're rested. When we feel like it.
I can choose the rhythm of the day, decide what the day will bring.
I go out in the coolness.
Get the paper, see the flag proudly waving, hear the bird song.
I'll go out to the garden and see what needs picking.
Arms loaded and heart full.
Maybe I'll cut some herbs, some flowers to bring the outside in.
There's time to sit down on the deck bench for a little while,
if I want to.
To linger. 
To watch a bumblebee hovering, wings whirring, flower to flower.
Just in this moment.
Enjoying these mornings.
Change appearing on the horizon.