Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first day

We quietly gather
the night before
that first day
excitement, anticipation
another year
to learn
fresh beginnings
new possibilities
opportunities to

chair from my own childhood
brought forth
each one
to sit
with eyes closed
as a loving father
gently places
strong hands
on each head
pleading the Father
of us all
for blessings
for protection
individual counsel
for each precious
their mother also
not forgotten

this holy tradition
bestowal of peace
tears and hugs
our hearts full
a father's gift
his tender expression
manifested and
with gratitude
and love


  1. that is very cool. how are you doing today?

    I love seeing your blue house too.

  2. So many changes... they are good but it's so hard to adjust! You have such a great attitude about life and about where your children should go to school. I am so impressed with your faith and willingness to do what is best for them!
    Being home alone is quite the change! A change I am still getting used to and I am on my 3rd year. I laughed when you said "why do I feel guilty for taking myself to lunch" I go through the same thing! It has been all about the kids for so long that when we do something for us we feel selfish!
    Don't worry, you will have a full schedule before you know it... temple day, helping at the school and many wonderful opportunities to serve those around you; opportunities that with kids home you couldn't take!

    Good luck and know that you are NOT alone! Thanks for all your beautiful thoughts and insights! You need to post your amazing recipes!!!