Friday, August 5, 2011

gratitude friday

~for the lump in my throat hugging Renee goodbye early this morning. For the sweet words she left behind in the hospitality basket I gave her. Missing her already.

~Feeling the desire to run. Feeling fine in the run. Feeling great after the run.

~for Phil's zest. Her phone calls. Her constancy and encouragement.

~to spend the afternoon with my soon-to-be-coed. Driving her to the half hour away campus. Job searching is hard and we're learning the value of patience and prayer (combined). Got an up close and personal sneak peak at the dorms she'll be moving into in just a few weeks. Helping her get her bearings. Going to lunch together at Ginger's Garden Cafe (The Herb Shop) and loving every bite going into our mouths and every word spoken out of her mouth. Stopping at Target and filling the cart with stuff she'll need: blender, silverware, sheets, baking pans, measuring get the idea.  (I've already been on the prowl and have scored good finds at the thrift store.) We're both starting to feel the ache and the all-too-real reality of this upcoming transition.

~for Mane's constant sharing and thoughtfulness. Today's drop off: fresh apricots

~finding out that Gary got the upper level supervisor (higher than the manager he was before) position at work. A 20 year old kid in charge of multiple older adults. So proud of this boy of mine.

~having a special date tonight all by himself with mommy and daddy to see the new Pooh movie...

~...because the big kids were off to do their own movie outing. Makes my mother heart so happy, knowing that they truly are each other's best friends.


  1. Great news of Gary! Love those freckles of Issac - make me think about kids in cereal comercials!

  2. this is such a sweet post. you have really good kids and you are a such a good mom.

  3. I'm new here...came over from FIMBY. I look forward to getting to know you a bit better...

  4. Had so much fun reading this posts after our visit. Now that I know you I can identify with so much of what you write, I can visualize you with your kids etc.... And I.'s freckles - love, love!