Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hospitality... And Making Real Life Connection

This has been so fun.

Do you know how neat it is to not only meet a bloggy friend (and her nice husband), but host them for a few nights in your home?

I started reading Renee's blog in the late winter and she started to read mine. We had some email correspondence, too. Like so many women whose blogs resonate with me, I was immediately drawn to this vibrant, talented, loving wife, homemaker, and fellow homeschooler. She and her husband Damien have created a beautiful family life and their commitment to sharing their love of the outdoors with their children is an inspiration. Through Renee's blog Fun In My Backyard (FIMBY) and Damien's blog Adventure In Progress, I , like so many, have appreciated seeing just how important outdoor adventuring can be to family unity, togetherness, developing a love for nature... a myriad of benefits and opportunities, actually.

When Renee walked in, I kind of had a surreal moment. Kind of like meeting a celebrity. (Not that I've really met any celebrities, but that's what I think it would be like.) It was so weird to finally meet someone you've only seen in pictures, knowing so much of their inner thoughts and day to day living. Like, "I know all about you, and you don't really know me," kind of thing.

Anyway, our family was happy to welcome the Tougas's into our home.

A vegan dinner was planned in honor of all of us plant eaters. (we were in the majority. Hooray!) Boy, did we eat good.

Jane, Renee, and I got busy in the kitchen:  Fresh salsa (peppers from my garden) served with multi grain chips,  sauteed zucchini and yellow summer squash (also from the garden), fresh local corn on the cob, green salad, brown rice, and one of our faves: spicy Indian inspired garbanzos with tomatoes and greens.

See? We cleaned our plates.

Such a feeling of connection. Laughter, sharing, and lots and lots of talk. To Keith and I, as well as to all the children, (as we discussed later that night), these "strangers" seem like warm, long-loved friends.

I think that's beautiful.

It was just my luck that our washer died Monday night. Renee and Damian got caught in the rain on a hike in the Tetons and so she and I headed in the truck with a load to the laundromat. Heartfelt and meaningful conversation, and again, connection that I'll never forget.

Hospitality is a gift. It's sharing your food. It's sharing your home. It's sharing your time. It's sharing your heart.

I keep telling myself, "What would the world be like if we all did this?" In big ways and small ways. In any way that we can.

I'm seeing more and more that the world is filled with good people. Near and far. 

Thinking about
...this extension of friendship.
...this opening of ourselves in trust and good will.
...this idea of casting bread upon the water...finding what was lost, ...what was sought... gaining more than you gave. 
...the scripture "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." ~Hebrews 13:2

Thank you, Renee and Damien, for the gift that is you.


  1. ah, very very cool.

  2. What a neat experience! It's amazing how close you can get to someone without even meeting them!

    I have been catching up on your posts... love them all! I love the one on homeschooling. My sister would be cheering with you agreeing with ever word! You are a wonderful mother and your kids have definitely "turned out allright" ;)

  3. Hi Emily,

    Sounds like a wonderful feast of food, fun and fellowship. I'm thrilled for my daughter to meet another kindred spirit.