Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Lego Party For The Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, Isaac Bo-Dysaac!

Since our kids are known Lego maniacs, since we've collected mounds and mounds of these toys for the last 20 years (and even have kept some of Keith's and mine), since we've never had a Lego themed party, and since Isaac has never really had a friend party, Isaac decided to party "Lego style" big time this year.

I've already shown you the invite, but I thought it was worth showing again. It fits in the theme, you know.

Now, for the nitty-gritty: Let's start with the favors

I'm so glad I found this inspiration. These cardstock boxes turned out so cute filled with an assortment from our (vast) collection. It's nice to share.

Little cellophane sacks of block candies worked perfectly.

Chocolate dipped marshmallow Lego head sucker guys. Darling, if I don't say so myself.

Popcorn balls

The cake(s). I'll be honest, these were a pain in the b--- to frost and assemble. At least the kids seemed to like them.

Juice boxes

Blocky cheese and crackers.

Juicey Jiggler Blocks

Candy nibbles

Adding some fruit to the menu sure made me feel better.

Now for the decorations:

While I was ready to pull out my hair last night frosting those cakes, the rest of the family enjoyed themselves in the next room making all kinds of Lego creations to add ambiance for the party.

Sam used his sweet building skills with this cool castle.

Mason jars filled with Legos sure make nice balloon weights.

The table.

Don't you love this banner Keith put together? We all said "awesome!" when we saw him hang it up.

Now, for the games:

We spread a sheet on the floor, dumped out the Legos and let the boys have at it. They were happy to play for most of the party. 

Eliza created this "pin the head on the Lego dude" blindfold game.

"Lego Collaboration" was a hit. I wrapped up separate little bundles of Legos for each boy. They took turns opening them and added to the creation being formed. Very cool.

When the boys first arrived, we had them each guess/estimate how many Legos were in this big jar. The person closest to the right number received a small Lego set.

Finally, (I know this is an enormously long post) we sang "Happy Birthday" and Isaac blew out his candles.

This was one of the funnest, one of the most creative on my end, one of the most "whole family contributed to make it a success" themed parties we've ever done. And there have been many over the years. I hope it's one memory that Isaac will cherish, knowing how much his family loves him. We just don't know what life would be like without this sweet little boy in our lives.

It wouldn't have been as cool if I didn't have these wonderfully creative ideas from these resources. They added so much:


    Love every single idea - creative, fun and just like Isaac's! Happy Birthday, sweet boy! And way to go Mom and Croft B-day expert assistants.

  2. oh my goodness. you rocked this party!! makes me wish my josh was still playing with legos. I still have them all. you know... for grandkids one day :)

  3. Happy birthday to Isaac! Emily, this is AMAZING. Best themed party I have seen and will send this link to my friend who loves to have themed parties for her kids.

  4. Wow, you guys did an awesome number for Isaac's Birthday. Happy Birthday Isaac! I can only imagine icing all those cakes. Way to go mom!

  5. Fabulous job! I love all the details (esp. the cleverly crafted food!) Looks like the birthday boy had a wonderful time.

  6. amazing!! what a lovely party for your son! :) Martine

  7. What a creative and fun party! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Found you through Pinterest.

  8. What an amazing party! i am doing a party for my son who is turning 8 and I would like to do the pin the head on the lego guy but can not find a template to make one big enough, did you use any template for that or did you draw it and cut it out?

  9. How did you make the pin tail Lego game?

  10. Im also wondering how you made the marshmallow suckers!! Please share ..thank you!

  11. can you email me the directions to make the lego heads christie_kernop@hotmail.com

  12. so very awesome!!! wondering how you made the Lego paper crown??? would love to do this for my son's birthday. thanks!!

  13. Everything for this party was awesome!! My sons are grown now, but we still have legos and they would have loved a party like this. Please tell everyone in your family they did a great job, as did you. (The cakes and invitations are really cute.) I bet those kids didn't want to go home.

  14. Do you have a template for the pin the head game? We are doing a lego party for my son in early December. Thanks so much! Love everything about this party!! Hope ours turns out just as awesome :)

  15. I'm so glad someone added this onto Pinterest! What a load of great ideas! Thanks :D

  16. How do I pin this on Pintrest?? I don't see the Pintrest icon as a "Share" option.

  17. Thanks for posting this! I got some great ideas for the lego party I want to make for my 6 year old to be son ;).

  18. Such adorable Lego party for the birthday boy. Those popcorn balls are very unique. I liked the Lego themed cake as well. At the local Venues in San Francisco my friend also threw a beautiful princess party for her daughter that was also personalized. Enjoyed that a lot.