Friday, August 26, 2011

moving out, moving on

We got 'er done.

At least I think so.

I'm exhausted, still, from yesterday. Couldn't go back to sleep just before 4 o'clock that morning and thought I'd make a batch of granola and baked tofu for my girl to take with her. Good thing we loaded the van the night before.

She had arranged to check into her dorm in the morning. In the meantime, she started her new job and was scheduled to work until 3:00pm. I dropped her off and swung into action. I had all day, so why not? I bet I took twenty trips from that bursting van, arms loaded, sweat running down my face and soaking through my shirt, up the flight of stairs, and into the apartment.

Jane is thrilled to be rooming with my sister Sara's niece (her husband's brother's daughter) Joselyn. We met her for the first time this summer when we were in Wisconsin. We just love Joselyn; she's part of the family after all.

Anyway, I had made arrangements to take Joselyn to Wal Mart. I needed to pick up some more odds and ends for Jane. (Note: college is very expensive in more ways than one.)

After dropping Joselyn off at some Freshman orientation activities, and after yet more unloading lugs up the stairs, I got to work. It was fun to meet some of the other roommates and a few of their mothers who were doing the same stuff as I was.

Organized her food, washed her thrift store dishes, made up the get the idea. Finally, after her after-work- trek across campus, I welcomed Jane into her (1st time through) college dorm.

You should have seen the look on her face when she saw what I had done. She said she felt like crying. She said there would be no way she could have gotten all her stuff put away and organized,  work her 6 hour shift again today, attend all the new student events,  get a cell phone with Gary, get her bearings on campus--- do all that and be emotionally prepared for the first day of school on Monday.

I smiled and reminded her that Moms do things like that. They know.

Dinner time rolled around and we both hadn't had anything to eat all day. We invited Joselyn to go get a bite to eat with us. It was so fun for me to see the girls start to "click".

After that, (the bottoms of my feet almost raw from all the walking that I had to take my sandals off and go barefoot), we finally got her checked in, key in hand.

Back once again in her room, she turned to me and realized that she'd forgotten to pack her alarm clock. (It's essential, she says) "Can I just go home with you and spend the night and be with the kids and hug Isaac again and then have you drop me off in the morning?"

How could I say no.

Here's where I'm at today:

Learning that there's truly no place like home.

Learning that big kids, adult kids, all of us need our moms. 

Learning what it means to love. It's...

The sacrifice of time and energy and money. The never ending service. The feeding. The being there.  The getting stuff. The picking up. The taking there. The listening. The supporting. The trusting. The hugging. The tears.

It's even the letting go.


  1. oh wow. so much said in this post. so much to think about too. you are a wonderful mom.

  2. Oh, Emily, what a wonderful, exciting time for jane! I know how scary it can be, especially for moms! You've done a wonderful job giving her a base of security which will ultimately allow her to spread her wings and fly.... in time! Blessings.. j

  3. So precious Emily. You bring tears to my eyes. Thinking of you. :)

  4. Mothering is forever business! Well spent time!