Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Tidbits

One of the things that was so helpful, the clincher really, to ease me into a plant based/vegan diet was my participation last March  in Heather's 30 Day Vegan Whole Foods online workshop. I just can't tell you now much I enjoyed this. I learned so much, and was so encouraged by the helpful information, gentle inspiration, and practical, delicious recipes. I loved it so much that I decided to sign up for the upcoming summer session. There will be new information, warm weather/ summer seasonal recipes to print out, weekly video cooking classes, helpful resources, daily postings, and Renee is even going to be a presenter in a four part guest series.

Anyway, I've registered and am excited to share this with you guys. (Some of you already may have signed up!) Even if you don't go all the way like I (mostly have), it's still such a great motivation if you want to incorporate more whole foods and fresh plant foods (especially now that summer is upon us) into your diet. Trust me, you'll feel the minimal fee ($45) is worth every penny. So sign up and do something nurturing for yourself; there's still time!

Just a few other notes from the day:

~Keith took Isaac on another little one-on-one date down to the college football stadium to see where their seats will be come football season. Isaac is getting his own big-boy season ticket for his upcoming birthday. I think this picture is so dang cute. You can just sense the anticipation.

~I ran some again this morning. Nice.

~Worked for some time on my online Family Herbalist course.

~went with Keith up to the big city at lunch time and dined at Sage's Cafe (at the recommendation of Renee who ate there just the other night.) This delightful place has been consistently getting "Best Vegetarian Dining" in S.L. for quite some time. Man, I wish I would've brought my camera. There was this breathtaking grape vine (bunches of grapes were hanging down so picturesquely.) covered outdoor eating patio and an arbor leading up to the door. Beautiful, delicious food that left us both very satisfied.

~had a deep, deep discussion with him in the truck about prayer. How it all works. How He answers, why to us He doesn't seem to answer, how our agency and how our personal growth plays into all this. Lately, I've been really trying to understand it when I always thought I did in the past. My eyes of understanding were opened somehow when Keith compared prayer, or how God teaches, answers, and communicates with us, in a  similar manner, to how we parent our own children here on earth. Through it all came a little more clarity, a little more peace, and a whole bunch of gratitude for this patient, wise man I love.

~finally got out of truck and wandered through the maze that is IKEA. Found the chocolate brown quilt I was looking for for Jane's dorm bed. Yay!

~passed up Keith's suggestion of an IKEA cinnamon roll. (He gave me a few bites. I was trying to be good.) and was so happy to come home to warm, just out of the oven homemade (and vegan to boot!) zucchini bread that Jane made while we were gone. It's zucchini this and zucchini that around here. If I don't go check on those babies every day, I end up bringing in two foot boaters. 

~Gary and Sam got home a little while ago, exhausted, from a day at Lagoon (our local 6 Flags-type amusement park). Glad they could spend the day together, even if they had to stand in a line for over 45 minutes because of a throw up-clean up crisis. (Thankfully, not theirs!)  


  1. Delicious day! Please share that vegan zucchini bread recipe! Spiritual intimacy is the greatest bond! happy for you!
    Issac picture at BYU stadium is priceless!

  2. i love that picture too. i have signed up for the 30 day program again. i too thought the price was well worth it.

  3. Can't wait to see you at the course. And so glad you liked Sages. I loved it there. I took a photo of that grape arbor, like you said, beautiful.