Monday, August 8, 2011

season for garden basil

One of my favorite things about summer, one of the things I honestly look forward to the most is the beautiful basil I get to enjoy from my garden. My patch of 12 plants (mostly sweet basil and a few lemon basil) gives me so much culinary and aromatic joy. Such pretty green foliage and sweet little flowers are another bonus. Going out to harvest, whether it's a handful or a bowlful, and smelling that distinctive aroma just knocks my socks off.

If you have a lot of basil, you've just got to make pesto sauce. It's really easy if you have a food processor. For tonight's, I added:  basil leaves, sprouted almonds, extra virgin olive oil, a little water, fresh garlic, a little bit of nutritional yeast (adds a cheesy flavor) and salt and pepper. Just whirred together until pasty and saucy then poured over hot pasta. I honestly couldn't get enough.

Eating pesto just screams "al fresco", don't you think?

Ah, summer.


  1. I planted Basil for the first time this year - took a picture which I will post soon myself :)

    your dinner looks total yum. love seeing you all together. that has been a rare thing at my house this summer.

  2. I just cut some fresh basil for our dinner tonight. I also harvested 4 ears of corn and enough broccoli for 2 of us! And the zucchini...we have an abundance.