Sunday, September 25, 2011

notes from "the witch doctor": treating my crushed foot

My family is starting to refer to me as a witch doctor.

I kind of like it.

As I've been studying and now implementing natural healing modalities on the willing "guinea pigs" in my family, including myself in the past few years or so, I'm becoming more and more convinced of their effectiveness.  It's been an empowering experience being able to be a little more self sufficient in providing care in situations of crisis or minor illness for my loved ones when it's been needed. 

(For the last few months, I've been excited to share with you my natural remedy/ first aid kit I've put together. Be watching this week for that post.)

Let me tell you about yesterday. It involves my not very attractive foot as you can see as is evidenced in this (not so flattering) picture.

I was carrying a shelf (for my medicinal herbs if you can believe it) that I just bought at the antique store over to Keith who was weeding a flower bed. I wanted to show it off to him. Well, I somehow lost control of the thing and the base of it landed hard on top of my foot and then bounced across the lawn. I was wearing shoes (with no socks) with my forefoot exposed. My first reaction was to see if the shelf was broken. (Thankfully, it survived.) As you can imagine, my foot immediately started to bruise and swell. It was really hurting, too. And that's a huge understatement.

I didn't take the time to do anything to treat it. I was too busy. I needed to head to the grocery store to pick up some ice cream for today's get together at my sister's house. While I was there, I bought a huge stack of food storage buckets (in which to store the wheat that's been sitting in stacks in the family room downstairs.) When I got home and opened the hatch of the van, out rolled the stack of buckets. Right on top of my same foot. I can't tell you how much agony I was in. I think I am a fairly tough person when it comes to pain, but it was so bad I started crying right then and there on the driveway.

As I could barely hobble into the house and lay moaning and groaning on the couch with the unbearable pain, I knew I needed to do something. And fast. I've already experienced a metatarsal fracture in the other foot, and I was dreading the idea of that possibility (And the 6 weeks of no running that it entailed.).

The first thing I did was have Eliza go up to my kit and bring me the Arnica- the topical cream and little tube of homeopathic tablets that dissolve in your mouth. I had used this in the middle of  my marathon when my knee was starting to hurt. It got me through it, I know. I also remember Gary's experience of taking it when he had his wisdom teeth out and he ended up not having any bruising or swelling whatsoever.  

From my study, I've learned about the amazing healing properties of the herb Comfrey. This herb is a very helpful friend to have when it comes to bone and tissue repair. It works wonders for any kind of wound, burn (I used it successfully in a poultice for Sam's blisters when he grabbed onto the hot dog roasters this summer), swellings, bruising, insect bites, etc.  I asked (more like demanded urgently) Eliza to go cut a couple of leaves from the plant I have out in my herb garden.

She brought it in and I instructed her to put it in the blender with a little water. It would be used as a poultice.

I took the gloppy green mash and packed it on top of my foot, wrapped some gauze around it, and placed on a sock to keep it in place. I needed to get it elevated and I hardly knew how I went up stairs as it was excruciating to put pressure on it.

I decided to take some herbs for the pain and inflammation- I used Dr. Christopher's Stop-Ache formula, and that plus Keith's blessing he prayed over me, allowed me to get through the pain.

This morning, I woke up before 5. I couldn't believe the difference. I took a big dose of the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula, more Arnica, and more herbs for inflammation (I didn't really need any for the pain, I could see know.) I can walk around without any glitch or limp at all now; even galloping down the stairs. I'm relieved to think I didn't fracture anything.

As you can see in the picture I took just a little while ago, there is hardly any sign of bruising or swelling. (You can see the noticeable tan mark from my sandals, though.) My family are all amazed today after seeing what I went through last night. It seems like a miracle. I think I just might be able to try running in a few days.

Boy, am I grateful for the things I am learning. I guess it's right when they say that experience is the best teacher. 


  1. Worthy knowledge no doubt! I am glad you're feeling better!

  2. wow. that is quite the success story! glad for you! i dropped a full water bottle on my foot last weekend - in that same spot. i know the feeling. take good care of it.

  3. Ha-- My family calls me the voodoo Dr! Must be all that time we spend in New orleans! So happy to hear of your healing success... these old remedies really DO work!!

  4. Hey, you sure got a nice blog here with some very interesting stuff. I've already put a bookmark on it.