Tuesday, September 6, 2011

season for berry picking. season of abundance. season for sharing.

I had just got the kids off to school.
Wondered what the day would bring.
Then the phone rang.
My neighbor Sharon called to see if I wanted to pick
some of her blackberries.
She said she has so many and thought of me.
 Said to hurry before the heat came on.
These days are getting cooler, and that's good for the
production and the picking, I'm noticing.
Phyllis agreed last night when she brought over
 a welcome baggie of her raspberries.
(That we oh so enjoyed on this morning's oatmeal.)
I grabbed my biggest bowl, my camera (how could I not?)  
and walked on over.
I open the gate and holler her name.
Amazed at the beauty, the abundant bearing from these out of control canes branching off in all directions.
 The patch only three years old, too.
 I find her there, so cute in her big straw hat. 
 Between my back and forth picking and frantic happy capturing of it all, she calmly searches, she finds, she knows which ones are ready. 
She picks the ones I miss.
Both so happy for the companionship,
our shared talk of kids and gardens and jam making and such.
The bowls and the hearts now filled.
Hands stained purple from these dark ripe jewels we plucked.
Walked back home, soul happy from this gift of sharing.
 Of this beauty.
 Of this season of abundance.
 Of neighborliness. 
Of the jam making that will surely be part of my day now.


  1. perfect in every way.

  2. we have been picking blackberries on our hikes.

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