Sunday, October 2, 2011

autumn weekend at the cabin

My sister Felicia and her husband Plinio invited our family to spend the weekend with them and my parents at their mountain side cabin, an hour and a half away from our home. They've been so generous in building and sharing this beautiful retreat. A place that's brought joy to so many over the last few years. This weekend was the perfect time to get away.

They said that the leaves peaked last week.

They were still so glorious. 

All of it just so lovely. So peaceful.

Eliza and I went for a couple of walks.

She filled her sketchbook with bits of autumnal specimens to press. To remember this special time. So typical of her.

You feel like you are on the top of the world, standing on the balcony of that cabin. Almost like you are looking down from heaven. Especially with all this crimson and gold.

 It can take your breath away.

We had such a fun time together, our family.
Mom and I lay on the bed, both escaping to the quiet,
engrossed in our books,
with the excitement of college football in the other room.

Around the television, we gathered these two days.
Instructed, inspired, and spiritually fed.
Wise council from our church leaders
finding a place in our hearts.
(With plenty of peanut M&Ms and Red Vines to make it all the more enjoyable.)

We told stories.
We laughed.
Kept company with the dogs.
Jane Eyre chick flick for the females.
 With little Isaac joining in, a little half heartedly.

And of course, there was good food to be had. There always is.

The nature lovers did some birding.
They brought Papa's binoculars out. 
Even found a couple of owl pellets

that my sister pricked apart with her bare hands.
(To our amazement, but not so much.)
Eager and curious to find out what the owl ate before.

We left, winding our way down the mountain, 
hearts full at the beauty of it all.
Memories made, bonds strengthened.
Cherishing this time spent in togetherness.

Can't wait 'til Thanksgiving when we get to do it all over again.