Wednesday, October 19, 2011

would you like a cup of tea?

Gary came over last night and brought me this nice teapot. He purchased one for himself at the Middle Eastern market when he was there a couple of months ago and raved about it to me. I told him that the next time he went to that market, it would sure make me happy (just a slight mother-hint, here.) if he picked up one for me. I've never seen one like this. 

I'm in love with it and here's why:

  • quality stainless steel construction.
  • aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Beautiful simplicity.
  • meant to be heated on the stove top, it will brew and hold close to 6 cups of tea. From boiling the water, to steeping, to straining, to pouring a cup at the table- it does it all! A whole lot of tea can be made all at once to warm up and enjoy later in the day.
  • designed with little holes inside to strain loose tea leaves.
  • attached hinged lid- no small part to misplace or lose.
  • economically priced- I think he paid around $15.

Gary learned to love tea when he spent time in the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Israel) for a college study abroad a couple of years ago. Arabs are such hospitable, warm people, he found. He said that whenever you enter a shop or anyone's home, a small glass cup (never a mug) of tea is always offered. The proprietor or host pulls up a chair, you sit, he sits, you shoot the breeze, all very unrushed. It's an experience. They love their tea very sweet, too. Since we don't drink caffeine, his hosts would be surprised when Gary asked for peppermint. Of course, they graciously obliged.


Hospitality is a huge part of the culture. There were so many times when Gary would meet another student  (for the first time, mind you.) and he would be invited on the spot to dine at the family home that evening. The whole extended family would often show up and they would feast for hours- On the floor, sitting on rugs, sharing a communal platter of roasted goat and rice, eating with their hands. It was awkward at first for my son, but through all this genuine friendship and hospitality shown, Gary, of course, learned to love and cherish this culture.

What an experience.

All this, besides turning him into a raving tea aficionado like his mother.

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  1. love that it goes from stove to table. that is great! i bought tea yesterday - peppermint :)