Friday, December 16, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 16

Pajama Day for Eliza and International Day for Isaac today at school. All to add a little more to the holiday flare. For the special teachers, I baked loaves of that braided Swiss bread that I usually make (not as perfected as my mom's, though), along with jars of raspberry honey butter. They always seem to like that.

Danish rice pudding was our offering to the tasting table, as this was the immigrant ancestor country he researched and presented. Our family Christmas Eve tradition. How fun for the children to see and taste and experience a little bit of culture this way.

I noticed and inquired about all those winter hats on each of the twenty children in the classroom. Shelby made them, Isaac said. I called her over to me and put my arms around her. Amazed. Tears filling my eyes. "You knitted all these hats, Shelby?" I wondered. She nodded silently with a knowing, bright smile. She and her mom had been working on them for ever so long, she said. Something special and from the heart for all her friends.

Now, this is love.

Eliza and I had to leave a little early to keep her appointment with the nephrologist. He listened to her story. He was kind. He reviewed her lab work. No sign of kidney problems, he said. We left relieved, but still perplexed. She more and me a little feeling slightly self conscious, a little embarrassed. In our hearts knowing that what she is feeling and living with truly is not normal and worrisome. Both doctors now suggesting that a visit with a specialty pediatric rheumatologist might be the the next step.

Late afternoon brought me down to the campus dorm to help Jane pack up and move again. The current dorm, built in 1953, will be torn down in just a few weeks. The co-eds so excited to be transferred to this new and improved, sparkling and brand new tower. Did you ever hear of college dorm bathrooms having granite showers and countertops?

So we talked and talked as we packed boxes. As we walked  and walked back and forth in the dark to the van. To load and unload.

Didn't it just seem like yesterday that I moved her down there in the first place? And now, with her first ever college finals behind her (which she passed with flying colors by the way), and the happy looking forward now to just breathe and enjoy a couple of quiet weeks at home, we both knew that this called for a celebration.

A sweet potato fry kind of celebration.


  1. DON'T give up... (of course you won't!) There is something going on and the only way your going to find it is through a persistent mom! When you find the right doctor, he will look at you and know exactly what it is and you will feel so validated and know you are in the right hands! Good luck my friend. I love your joy have such a great way of enjoying all the little moments in our lives. Thanks for sharing... Merry Christmas!

  2. busy day for you! perfect ending though with the sweet potato fries :)