Friday, December 23, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 23

A slow, easy morning. This was needed after all the rushing about this week. The knock at the door had me nervous, embarrassed as I was still in my sweats/pajamas and that meant no shower. What a surprise to see her standing on my doorstep. I hadn't talked to her for over a year. This friend of mine who is the epitome of goodness. It's a true friendship when you can just pick up from where you left off without day to day interaction. Hardly any real interaction, for that matter. Knowing and feeling that the caring, love, and concern is and always has been there, regardless.

She said she always thinks of me when she's in my neighborhood. She said she wanted to stop by and bring me her family Christmas card, along with the carol that she wrote. I was touched that she would think of me. We talked heart to heart on my couch. So warm. She's a listener. We hugged tight and I told her that this visit made my day.  

Some years we go to see a local production of the Christmas Carol and other years we like to go to the Nutcracker. It's a tradition that's brought us a lot of joy. A family outing that we all look forward to. We asked them what they'd like to do this year and the ballet it was. Made even funner by inviting Ivana to join us.

So magical. Even though we know it by heart. Maybe that's the reason why.

German food sounded good. Handy right there next door to the theater. Lot's of fun, too, browsing around the aisles of imported European foods. That's something I always find very interesting.

I love it when we are all together like this. These times, this season, these traditions that make memories, tighten bonds. Thankful for days like these to tuck away and hide in my heart.

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