Thursday, February 16, 2012


Listening: Somewhere in Time soundtrack on Grooveshark. So romantic I want to die.

Wearing: chocolate cable knit sweater, khakis, brown leather Lands' End clogs, no make-up day.

Drinking: great big mug of cocoa last night in bed. Homemade mix made with powdered coconut milk. Yum for tums.

Eating: pre-run breakfast was banana peach smoothie, half of Isaac's sprouted English muffin he left on his plate. Mid morning snack was bowl of marinated veggies from last night's dinner. Lunch was brown rice with braised garlicky kale, half an orange.

In the kitchen: baked up some banana bread to use up a bunch of those ripening bananas on the counter and also a batch of sweet potato hummus from one of my fave blogs. Really good and very interesting.

Reading: Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. I'm into him.

In the mail: never ending stream of college recruiting letters coming in for Sam these days (he's a high school Sophomore) because of his high PSAT score. With all this attention, as well as the influx of emails... well, we'll just say he's a little overwhelmed. I think it's cool.

Noticing: can't stop thinking about this cozy home. Appealing on so many levels.

Wishing: I could go somewhere. Leave town. See the world. Have an adventure. Like really, really bad.  Maybe something along these lines. If I'd go so far. (I think I could.)

Joy Bringer: Having her come over and visit this afternoon. How she brought me a veggie sandwich and a chocolate, spinach, banana, and avocado shake. (Really good, by the way.) Her sitting down on the couch and us just talking like such good friends as we are. And me going later to take one of the loaves and a card to a neighbor who's recently lost her mother.

Visiting is good for the soul.


  1. I'm still enjoying your blog so much, Emily! It seems we have so many little things in common. Could you share your cocoa recipe? I'm still (mostly) eating vegan since Heather's workshop and would love some good hot chocolate!

  2. Hi Mollie!

    I'm so glad you are here. It was so fun getting to know so many "kindred spirits" at the workshop.

    Since I've given up dairy (as well as some of my kids and my son's girlfriend) I've been trying to find a way to make a cocoa mix. I found the coconut milk powder (Wilderness Family Naturals product) through Azure Standard- a natural foods delivery that I order from most months. You may want to look into it.

    I adapted the recipe from this one from the blog Simple.Healthy.Tasty.
    Since I used cocoa powder instead of the carob, I had to tweak it with a little more sweetening (it was a little too chocolaty) and I felt like it needed a bit more salt. I also didn't have any vanilla beans which would have been a nice addition. It took me awhile to get it right, but in the end it turned out fine. Yummy and easy when I'm craving a mug of hot chocolate. (I'm chicken to try carob. I know I should give it a try someday.)

    Hope this helps. Thanks again for your kindness, Mollie.

    Homemade Hot Carob Mix

    2 cups powdered coconut milk
    2 cups carob powder
    2 cups Sucanat or Evaporated Cane Juice Crystals
    1 vanilla bean, cut into pieces
    Pinch of Real Salt
    Small handful of carob chips, optional

    In a large bowl mix powdered coconut milk, carob powder and salt. In blender or food processor mix the Sucanat with the vanilla bean pieces. Strain vanilla sugar through a wire mesh strainer into bowl with other ingredients. Mix well. Mix in carob chips if you want a more “chocolaty” flavor. Feel free to adjust amounts to fit taste....for example if you want a more rich, creamy flavor use more coconut milk and less carob and more vanilla etc. Mix 2-4 Tablespoons of mix with every cup of boiling water.

  3. This looks so good, Emily--thanks for sharing it!