Thursday, April 5, 2012

16 years

There's so much to love about you:

Your ease in making new friends.
And how you intentionally seek out those who really might need a friend.
Those like-you-mean-it tight hugs.
You have a gift for showing physical affection.
Watching the way you run.
Somehow, something simple like that makes me happy.
The way you entertain us all, keeping us in stitches with your spot on impersonations and mimicking.
Those shoulder and head rubs that only you can give.
That memory of yours, amazing us with your trivia mastery.
That broad, beaming smile of yours.

A joy bringer,
a blessing in my life.

Happy Birthday, Samuel.

(aka Samuel K. Barnabee Jones, aka Samuel Lewis, aka Sam-the-Wam)

I sure love you. With all my heart.
xo, Mom

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