Monday, April 30, 2012

the happys. so many happys.

Feeling a lot of love these days. 
Joy-bringers all around.

A quick stop at the nursery last Saturday sure got me in the mood to get my hands in the dirt. Tomorrow's the big day to head outside and start planting. I think I'll share this year's garden plans with you all soon.

There on the doorstep, coming home that eventful day last week, this mother heart so tender and so full of emotions all a mixture, that secret admirer of mine strikes again.

Thank you, my dear. Always.

And aren't these the most beautiful roses you've ever seen?

She sent this surprise package in the mail on the day he left. "A raw food recipe book for a heart raw with love." she inscribed. Another pick me up, signed by the author herself. Looking forward to more "happy experimenting". (The chocolate chia pudding we made yesterday is fabuloso.)

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, Cathy, my adopted sister.

Those brownies you dropped by last night, Kristen, and the gentle touch on my arm at church, wanting to know how I was... thank you for these sweet tokens of love.

And speaking of friendship, it was so good today to catch up over lunch with Lori, my old neighbor and friend. So nice to feel like nothing has really changed after all this time.

Such a nice feeling, getting my sewing room back after all these months. All of his stuff packed and put away over the weekend. Making me all motivated to get these creative juices flowing again.

Noticing my wardrobe is in need of a little updating with the upcoming warm weather days. So... I justified my little splurge.

I just love the feel and look of linen.

I couldn't stop thinking about these fun and inspiring books I kept drooling over at Barnes and Noble for the last couple of months. I really like the simple styling, and all the variation options this Japanese book offers. 

Another self-gifted pick me up, I guess. Trying to find something to fill my days and fill my thoughts.

And tonight, even if it was just a little time to gather on the floor and play a quick game together. A happy way to end this good day.

Now, before I head up to bed, I've been thinking about how much your kind words and encouragement has meant to me, here in this space, on Facebook, or through sending me a note through email. It means so much to me that you, old readers and new, would take the time out of your day to stop by here. I feel like I need to do better acknowledging each of your comments. Every one is read and those sweet words you've shared with me are so very much appreciated and touch my soul. And it's totally fine if you are quiet, too. That's the way I tend to operate in my visits to other blogs.

Just want you to know that you are part of my happiness, friend.

(I really mean that.)


  1. :) I love how you see the HAPPY in all the simple every day things! I needed that today! Thank you!

  2. Love this post - makes me smile to know you are smiling.