Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Get Published! (well, sort of.)


When I did that Lego birthday bash for Isaac last August, I never in my wildest imagination would have believed that the invitations I created  and photographed would be featured in a major publication- Parenting Magazine, that is.

This experience has taught me how serendipitous life can be. You never know what's in store, what's around the next corner. 

I guess after putting on ever so many birthday parties for my five children these past twenty years, this is kind of a "happy" payback or pat on the back, if you will, for some of my best creative efforts given towards making my children's birthdays special and memorable.

The feature in this May's edition- hot off the press and at newsstands everywhere- (I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's fun and I'm happy, so indulge me, okay?) is focused on birthday party ideas rounded up from the ever popular Pinterest.

I excitedly hurried over to Barnes and Noble this afternoon, hoping with fingers crossed that they had it. A very helpful saleswoman graciously found a copy in the backroom ready to be shelved, and brought it out to me.

You should have seen the grin on my face.

My little claim to fame is in the DIY invite section on page 80. I was expecting the image to be pretty small, so that wasn't a big surprise, but I kind of regret that I or the editors (like I thought they indicated at my request) would have cleaned up a little bit of the smudgies where I blocked out our address and phone number for privacy's sake. Other than that, I'm thrilled, humbled, and amazed that something I created and photographed would be considered worthy of this publication.

I was also really happy that they credited my blog. Yep, right there for the world to see.

Today I also received an email from one of the editors asking my permission to let them put it on Parenting.com, as well in sharing it with their several media partners including AOL, MSN, and Yahoo Shine.

Anyway, thanks for humoring me, friends. It's fun to share the happy and exciting events that come into my life with you all.

Things like this don't happen every day, you know.

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