Thursday, June 21, 2012

bouquet in june

Midsummer morning,
I harvest some beauty
to feed these eyes
and gladden this heart.

So I cut and I gather
with baskets and shears,
competing with bees
the buzz in my ears.

Bundles brought in,
splashes of color,
fragrance and healing,
all of it lovely.

Arranging and placing,
with care and with purpose,
gracing these corners,
making house


  1. wow. all that lavender is amazing.
    beautiful Emily

  2. Beautiful pictures and words Emily. Thank-you for adding loveliness to my day. Your blog always makes me feel joyful.

  3. Hi Emily! I cam across your blog this morning via Pinterest (essential oils)! After reading those three connected posts, I saw the "Finding Joy" posts from last Christmas!! I've sat and read every single one! What a blessing!! Especially to find them now ... you see, I'm a "let's celebrate Christmas in July" kind of gal!! Enjoyed every word of them! I'm also an "Azure Standard" customer!! ♥ Azure! So glad to have made this connection and I look forward to catching up and keeping up!! You have a beautiful home and a beautiful family, and a beautiful spirit! Prayers for your daughter ... I haven't gotten past last Christmas yet ... so I'm not certain if the issue has been figured out yet. Many Blessings!! terri