Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello Summer, Let's Make Plans!

When I was a little girl, one of my very favorite things to do; some of my most cherished memories I had with my dad, were the times when we'd lay on the floor together in front of the fireplace, me on his outstretched arm, and "make plans". The anticipation and discussion of all the exciting things we'd do in the future.

I haven't outgrown this love.

I find myself doing this especially at the beginning of each new season. Summer especially. I think of what I want this time to be. The things I want to do. The essence of it all. The memories I want to provide and make with my children.

Looking back at previous years plans, I see that my ideas haven't really changed all that much.

So here's to the summer of 2012.

(P.S. What are your summer plans. What is it about summer that you love? Do share!)

~go barefoot.
~relish a looser routine. This time off of structured school schedules and outside committments.
~read the newspaper on the front porch. Enjoy the quiet of that cool morning shade.
~early, still of the morning runs.With our Ragnar Relay plans now cancelled, and no other race planned or committed to in the foreseeable future, I'll enjoy running just for the joy of it.
~June family weddings.
~wearing skirts.
~empty afternoons to spend with my sewing machine. Lots of projects to look forward to completing.

~eating our meals alfresco. This outdoor living space is and has been such a blessing.
~gather the children around me to read a chapter or two. It's been such a long time.
~celebrate Jane's birthday.
~sit on the porch swing in the dark gazing at the stars. Enjoy flickering candlelight, too. Such ambiance.
~plan and implement weekly outings with the children. Commit to making them happen.

~Enjoy our big city "stay-cation" highlighted with time at the amusement park, the zoo, the planetarium, and going out for Chinese Dim Sum for the first time.
~attend a local holistic health conference.
~impromptu picnics in the park.
~girl's camp and scout adventure trip for Eliza and Sam.

~ mountain canyon campfire. Roasting marshmallows. S'mores.
~more time for books.
~day hikes and excursions with the kids. Goblin Valley, Arches (red rock country), and the nearby mountain trails.

~fly the flag all summer long.
~celebrate Independence Day. The hot air balloon launch. The parade. The family bar-b-que. The fireworks.
~eat corn on the cob.

~ cut flowers and herbs from the yard. Bring the beauty inside. Make arrangements.
~say goodbye to Gary as he embarks to Finland . Ivana, too.
~ride bikes.
~after dinner, cool in the evening walks around the neighborhood.
~invite people over. Practice hospitality.

~go canoeing.
~make homemade ice cream.
~stay up past our bedtimes.
~family board game tournaments.

~find joy, peace, and abundance in the garden. Harvest and share. Everything with thanksgiving.
~support local farmers by stopping at road side produce stands.
~enjoy the various community farmer's markets.
~run the dehydrator.
~make jam.

~play in the water and sand when we head to Bear Lake.
~celebrate Isaac's birthday.
~ take the kids on individual back-to-school shopping outings.


  1. All good things! We plan away from home time every month, Dramatic Acting workshops in June, canoeing picnic next Saturday in Tibble Fork to celebrate Kevin's B-day, lots of photo discovery walks to learn the new camera, Food & Coalition volunteering, hair braiding, gardening, 100-mile bike ride for Dad, pool, pool and more pool outings, exploring veggitarian dishes further, family camping in July at Washington, Art exhibits, Zoo, local theatre, books, books and more books!...And lots of Welfare Peach Canning days.
    And let the unexpected happen everyday!

  2. Almost all good things. But the Zoo? Not good. Animals taken out of their natural habitat and enclosed for people to gape at. Wild animals in their natural habitat roam for miles. They exercise their natural behaviour in surroundings that they've chosen, with other animals they've chosen to be with. When you're pointing out that lovely lion (tiger, elephant, whatever) and watching it pacing spare a moment to consider that the beautiful creature wouldn't be showing signs of stress (pacing etc.) if it was in it's own habitat. Perhaps you could argue that if we didn't "save" these animals they would be extinct. I know which would be kinder for the animal and it certainly isn't being enclosed in a zoo for humans to gawp and point. Or to be given food by a human when that human deems it's time to eat. Without being able to express natural urges to hunt for food. To be poked and prodded and subject to the whims of keepers who interfere with the natural life cycle of an animal.
    You may not like this comment but whilst people continue to close their minds to the suffering of animals the suffering will continue.
    Perhaps you could just for a moment consider your actions and ask yourself "is this right? Is this humane?"

  3. Great post, you make sure you enjoy your summer. I think I'd like to do something like this. I especially liked how you said you and your dad would lie on the floor and make plans. I want to do that. I find for myself summer stresses me out. Making sure child care arrangements are made, and paying for said childcare. I'm glad when the september school routine returns.....I feel like I'm missing out on summer!