Wednesday, July 25, 2012

away to the cabin

In honor of Pioneer Day--a celebration day here in our state-- and inasmuch as my sister and nephew are in town, we all were invited to gather down at what's known as the cabin. My sister and brother-in-law have been so generous, sharing this special place with so many.

A place that we all cherish.
A place that in recent years, has bonded our family.
A place which holds so many happy memories. 

The cabin sits perched on a mountain side overlooking a small farming community. And what a view.

The first time Isaac stepped out on that deck, he wondrously exclaimed what everyone of us feel:
"This is a kingdom!"

There were sixteen of us there this time, with plenty of room to spread out.  And enough food brought up to last for weeks, it seemed.

We ate good. Really good. As always.

To have this time to just get away for a few days.
Plenty of time... explore,

 to look at the wildflowers,

to go on little walking excursions,

to take naps,

to watch movies,

to play all-day game tournaments; even until all hours of the night,

to laugh so much,
(We do a lot of this in my family.)

to tell stories,

to seclude ourselves with books,

to watch and listen for birds,

to enjoy all four of these dog's personalities.
(Yes, four dogs in one cabin.)

to be nourished with this stillness,

to see the change and nuances of the light,

to marvel at the clouds,
(I love clouds.)

to stay in our pajamas all day if we feel like it,

to see these beautiful, smiling faces we love,

to share one-on-one talks,

to even take in a small town U.S.A. demolition derby at the rodeo grounds,
(Think real life bumper cars. The whole town must have been there.)

to take in this local, small town flavor,

to look at my sisters' faces when we hear that announcer pause over the intercom to let Candace know that her ribs were ready at the concession stand,
(I'm still laughing out loud at that one.)

to wake up and walk out on that deck, joining my sisters and my parents to watch the sunrise,

to witness that breathtaking sunset at day's end,

to share this with those I love,

to keep it all tucked in my heart until the next time.


  1. Beautiful time! Happiness is so simple!

  2. I wondered if we were in the same little town and then I saw the demolition derby pic and knew for sure we were!

  3. Oh, Lindsey! Do you guys live there? Or were you just in town when we were?

  4. My husband's aunt just bought a darling farm there so we went down for the day. I love that town. Did you go to the toy store?