Saturday, July 14, 2012

let's review the week

:: excitement beyond words around here Monday to be able to talk to Gary as he was en route (Dallas airport) to Finland. Had him on speaker phone with all of us listening in and adding to the numerous questions and joy-filled oohs, and ahhs, and wows, and that's so neats. That phone call was so good for all of us. Just to hear his voice. For him to hear ours. So many emotions. So happy for his happiness, this wonder at his tremendous spiritual growth, along with his already amazing ability to learn this difficult language, the tears shed and compassion we felt for the challenges he's faced, the excitement and joy for this new adventure in a new land and culture, the longing and realization of the great sea that separates us. As you can imagine, that evening my heart was feeling a little more tender with emotions and tears at the surface.

:: and what a surprise on Tuesday afternoon to already get a follow up email saying that he and his companions had made it to Finland.
Reading these words of his: "...Finland is home. I belong here. I’m made for this."

This mother-heart nearly bursting.

:: enjoying the edification of the Veganpalooza tele-summit. Informative and encouragement from a wide range presenters covering a variety of subjects regarding vegetarianism. Leaving me feeling so excited and proud of this path I'm on.

:: dealing with one broken down thing after another this week. First it was Keith's truck needing a major repair last week. Then, the washing machine breaking down. My new-ish car sounding a little funny. The sprinklers needing a new line trenched and connected. (and that means no sprinklers for the next few weeks. Hot temps = dry, sad looking lawn.) Ugh. I guess when it rains, it pours.

:: welcoming Mama and Papa home from their trip to Wisconsin.

::  getting a call late Wednesday night after we had all gone to bed from Sam, who, while on his scout adventure trip down in Moab, wrecked on a mountain bike and was in the ER needing stitches on his arm. Not only him, but another boy who fared worse with terrible gravel embedded road rash and stitches as well. Poor boys. Grateful it wasn't worse.

:: baked pretzels with the cub scouts on Thursday afternoon. Just imagine seven (eight year old) boys in my kitchen. Combine that with lots of flour and doughy-sticky hands. The power going out on and off throughout. A little chaotic and noisy, but you should have seen the look of satisfaction on each their faces, the aroma that filled this house when those treats came out of the oven. (Too bad my camera battery was dead.)

:: sending Keith off for the weekend (and the following weekend) while he goes up to help take care of Grandpa.

:: the delight Jane and I had this afternoon in going to lunch with my adopted sister Cathy and her daughter Grace as they were visiting here from California. She's a kindred spirit, I've decided. So grateful for opportunities like these for renewing these eternal ties and relationships from my own missionary experience in Portugal those many years ago.

:: spending my post- run mornings out in the garden trying to get a grip on the onslaught of weeds. I don't think I've ever let it go like this. Those poor plants hidden among the knee high field of weeds. I loved having Lucy be my constant companion; even when I had to constantly keep an eye on her mischief making. Her joyful exuberance in digging holes in that glorious dirt. Letting the robins know she's boss. Silly doggie. (see above) I'm almost there and it feels really nice.

:: tonight coming home with a car full of groceries and the sprinkler trench guy was already at work (he came really late) and while standing with my arms laden and making small talk, having the glass jug of maple syrup drop spontaneously out of the bag and shatter on the driveway. All over my sandaled feet. The utter embarrassment. Glass and sticky everywhere. Grateful and amazed these feet weren't cut to smithereens. The subsequent walking around barefoot with those sticky feet, picking up a mess of grass clippings and leaves; maneuvering his piles of dirt shoveled on that driveway as I tried to unload the groceries and bring them up to the house. Deciding that that wasn't the brightest idea and stopping for a hose spray off of me and the driveway. All of this while this guy looks on, amused. I just had to laugh so he could. Sad that my two year old beloved leather sandals truly seem to be unsalvageable. Even after spraying them off.


  1. hope this week is a good one for you!

  2. Sounds like a very full week! So happy to hear all the good news though and now I have a hankering to make Pretzels!! My gardens have never needed weeding as bad as they do right now too, we are hoping to get on top of it this week!