Wednesday, July 18, 2012

right now

Seeing: So surprised, when walking out to the garden this morning, to find that the two towering sunflowers had bloomed. Like overnight. Putting a smile on this face, an outloud outburst of joy, seeing those happy, glorious faces smiling down over all.

Eating: a nice big bowl of brown rice topped with yesterday's lunch leftovers of garlicky, soy braised bok choy, along with a peeled grapefruit.

Listening: I can't get enough of this. Jane Eyre soundtrack (most recent film) by Dario Marianelli on Grooveshark. So utterly beautiful, haunting, and romantic. Oh my heart.

Loving: With Saturday's maple syrup fiasco, new sandals were pretty much in order. So happy with these wear-anywhere Merrell ones.

Reading: Yesterday, I finished Wallace Stegner's Angle of Repose (moving, gripping). Now, I'm onto The Starch Solution by John McDougall (bring on the carbs!), as well as The Diary of Mattie Spencer (Colorado frontier)  by Sandra Dallas.

Around here: Haircut for Isaac. The normal home routines: a little bit of cleaning, cooking, reading, weeding, croquet playing with the kids. Keith's home again today. Yet more truck problems, resulting in him staying home yesterday to work on repairs where he could, as well as his work on the ongoing sprinkler issues. And with him being up all night with a terrible itching rash that only Benadryl could relieve, he's now back to bed, zonked, with me too pooped to head out on my morning run. I think I'll add a nap to that to-do list.

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  1. I just ordered those sandals in black and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. When I saw this picture I immediately thought, "I hope that's the pair I ordered because I really like them." And when I checked I confirmed that they were the same!

    I love sunflowers and am excited for all of mine to bloom.

    Have a happy day.