Thursday, December 20, 2012

"The Beauty Within": Her Mixed-Media Project

The artist's statement:
"We live in a world where our perception of beauty has been distorted by T.V., music, and the media. Every day we see advertisements for new ways to become "beautiful". Reality has become glossed over by makeup, plastic surgery, and Photoshop-- and our idea of beauty has become little more than an unreachable dream of looking as perfect as an actress modeling lipstick on a billboard. Every girl is dissatisfied and insecure with the way she looks. That is why I created this artwork-- to show that true beauty is not the fake, skin-deep perfection that has ruined how we perceive ourselves. True beauty comes from within; it is the light inside our souls that forms our personalities, thoughts, words, and deeds. I created this to force the viewer to rethink about how they judge beauty-- whether by the outward appearance or by the light of the heart. I hope that as the world around us becomes increasingly deceived about the definition of beauty, we can remember that what makes a person truly beautiful is not what their face looks like, but what their soul looks like."