Friday, February 22, 2013

this week's happy list

:: for picking up jane and her roommates for lunch yesterday and heading down to the krishna temple for the $5 dollar all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet. makes sense as we all are the veggie type.  also remembered that they have really pretty, flowy indian skirts there in the gift shop. that'll add to her wardrobe we've been gathering and packing away.

:: for friends who bring over pots of soup and big bowls of steamed artichokes and homemade whole wheat bread and pear jam in a jar and valentine chocolate bars and flower bouquets. for concerned phone calls and emails and visits on the couch. for hugs in my nightgown.

:: for a little brother and a big brother who like to whistle. happy, contented, letting us know they're around.

:: for getting 10 out of 10 on last night's comprehensive anatomy/kinesiology test. (i think i can, i think i can...)

:: for classmates at school who feel like family.

:: for tomorrow's invitation to go to dinner and a movie with friends.

:: for seeing a hand written letter sitting in the mailbox.

:: for foreign films and people who have the same tastes as i do.

:: for a sweet fifth grade boy, who, every wednesday when volunteering at the school library, begs you to sit on the rug and help him put together a jigsaw puzzle. you listen, he talks.

:: for a talented daughter who really knows how to cook "off-the- cuff". blessing our table with her delish kitchen creations all the time.

:: for morning snowfall that melts by afternoon.

:: for warm drinks in cold hands.


  1. Hi
    I am glad you are getting better. I love the idea of a "happy list", I think I will try that. I have been struggling through the flu, being one of the walking wounded who has to "work" while sick. But I think if I will count my blessings, I will feel better.
    Have a nice day