Sunday, June 22, 2014

midsummer eve

it's friday night at last
and with each of the kids off with friends, 
and jane inviting averi over 
to cook and watch a movie,
we escape just the two of us
to the nearby canyon, these majestic mountains,
this wondrous extension of our back yard 
just ten minute's drive to the northeast.

date-night take-out
balanced on our laps,
sitting in silence
side by side on a log 
as the river rushes on.

hopping back in his truck 
and hoping to beat the sun's descent,
we find ourselves going higher and higher
on this winding road
through smoky, campfire haze
and on past tibble fork
where folks and families fish in their lawn chairs
along its shores,
and sleek canoes glide smooth
on the still, emerald 

then on impulse we decide to take a
right turn on a narrow, dirt road
and we bounce up and down
up and down 
me shrieking, groaning
at those bumpy ruts and sudden, sharp turns
feeling as though i'm on some queasy, no-end-in-sight amusement park ride.
and all the while i'm on the lookout
and occasionally burst out to
and pull over so i can hobble on out,
camera poised, 
seeking to capture this incessant, endless beauty, 
the play of light and shadow,
these brief and fleeting moments in time.

this is joy
i quietly and contentedly sigh, 
immersing ourselves in nature like this, 
the gift of freedom, time, and place
discovering and finding my passion, 
a life's purpose
doing what it is that i love to do
and all of it tonight 
by his side,


  1. Sounds like a wonderful date night...that photo of the sun setting on the tips of the mountain tops is amazing...