Tuesday, June 17, 2014

new 'do... and other news

It has been so good to have all my children at home with all the changes we've had this month. It's been awhile since our whole family has been under one roof with kids off to college and now these missions. There's a new dynamic to our family now; a time of transition for all of us. A house full. A mix. Young adults, teenagers, and an almost ten year old that I'm sure, is loving all the activity and attention. Hearing Jane and Gary's late night laughter as I lay in bed last night was so wonderful. There's been lots of laughter and storytelling and fun overall. Even in the care and concern regarding Jane.

We are seeing a gastroenterologist tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll get more answers. Jane is doing okay. She doesn't have a lot of energy, and her symptoms continue. She did feel like she wanted to go on a walk this afternoon, and that was a good sign. I'm doing my best to care for her. Like I said before, it is a sweet time for us.

We've continued to feel so much love from our good neighbors. I seem to do okay maneuvering around in the kitchen on my scooter and crutches, but we've so appreciated the thoughtful and yummy food offerings these friends have brought in. Just having a big tray of vegetables, dip, and hummus at the ready. The fruit salsa and cinnamon chips eleven year old Cosette wanted (her former babysitter) Jane to enjoy, or Jamie bringing over a tray of cheeses and crackers and grapes, or using Trudy's beautiful loaf of wheat bread to make the boys (taking a break from the Legos this rainy, wet day) some some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I can't tell you just how nice it is to feel so cared for this way.

Eliza is getting ready to start her children's art classes this week, Sam's friends are spending a lot of time here (they went on a campout together last night), and Gary and Isaac just went off together for ice cream. Oh, and Gary went back for a second interview yesterday for his dream job. 

I made this Sunday when everyone was at church and I was here with Jane. I think with all the stress-- chocolate, mint, and coconut met the need. (If you know what I mean.) 

Okay, along the lines of  "needing a lift", I've needed one. Oh, how I've needed one. My increasingly graying hair was... shall I say... kind of shocking to Gary and Jane after not seeing me in real life for so long. Well, Jane gently and encouragingly convinced me to just go for it, have fun, and explore the world of color. I know, I know, I was so adamant and almost militant how I accepted my hair just the way it was. I embraced my gray. But lately, I've felt a pull toward change. Every time I've looked in the mirror, the first thoughts have been "gray = old". 

So this afternoon, I snuck away for a couple of hours and took the plunge. If you can believe it, this was my first (professional) experience getting my hair colored. Excited, yet nervous at the same time. All I can say right now is how much I absolutely adore the way my hair looks. 

I feel young. I feel fresh. I feel happy. And I definitely feel a lift. 



  1. I love the new color Emily! It looks great on you! I'm so glad that everyone is home and that Jane can be home to heal! I admire you and your wonderful family! I pray that things will calm down for your family and that you will be able to find answers for Jane's medical problems.

  2. Your hair looks so nice, I love your short hair, wish I could pull it off. Your so pretty! You sound lighter, happy....glad to hear.