Thursday, June 5, 2014

this week in my kitchen

Hello, friends! Joining the fun with Heather of Beauty That Moves This Week in My Kitchen blog hop.

Here's a peek...

The end of the school year brings a new rhythm to life here in my home. Especially so in the kitchen. With everyone getting up in the morning at different times, it's kind of become a free-for-all as far as breakfast goes. Same with lunch. Everyone coming and going as they please. 

In a way, I enjoy the freedom that comes with this (especially with my recovery and recent immobility), but I miss the unity and togetherness of sitting down at the table together. Knowing that my children are all getting the nourishment they need.

Since I'm the first one up, my goal is to lay out some offerings buffet-style. Cut up fruit, freshly made smoothies, jars of granola or cereal, muffins, etc. for all of us to help ourselves to whenever breakfast time fits with each of our schedules. Hopefully, this deliberate effort of mine can make healthy choices more accessible to my family, as well as help bring me more peace of mind.

When the kids are all home during school vacations, weekends, or holidays, messes and clutter abound. Dirty dishes fill the sink and spread all over kitchen counters. It kind of drives me crazy, but I guess it comes with the territory of having a large family. I've tried for years and years to find the balance between expectation and letting go. 

Just some kitchen thoughts I've had this week...
Here's some more glimpses of what's been happening:

:: Portuguese Rice Pudding (Arroz Doce) for Sunday dinner dessert. Second time in two weeks I made this after Sam had to do a presentation on Portugal for his Business Economics class in school and asked me if I could make something for him to take to share. Here's how: A pot of rice cooked like normal, then after the rice is cooked, milk (second time we used almond milk), sugar, a cinnamon stick and lemon rind were added (really soupy looking) and cooked gently until thickened like oatmeal. Poured out in a shallow pan and refrigerated. Sprinkled with cinnamon before serving. 

:: Macaroni with Creamy Cashew Sauce (from John and Mary McDougall's The Starch Solution.)

:: Millet Black Bean Patties With Corn (from Terry Walter's Clean Food cookbook). I substituted quinoa for the millet. Leftovers were wonderful crumbled on lunchtime and dinnertime salads.

:: Eliza is becoming such a kitchen pro. We were treated last night (along with some plates she made for some friends) to a platter of delicious and beautiful veggie/marinated tofu sushi.

:: Lunchbox Noodles (a favorite from Heather). 

:: Do you read cookbooks as novels like I do? 

:: Eating our meals outside. Such a summertime pleasure...


  1. We are "just" a family of four, but I too grapple with the idea of everyone coming to the table at different times. Breakfasts are always like that because of varying work schedules, and lunch will become like that in a few days when school is out. Dinnertime around here is still "sacred" as it were... There are nights when my son is not here due to his work schedule -- but those who are home eat together. And... I am making a conscious effort this summer to eat outdoors more. We did it the other night, and we sat long around the table, visiting and just enjoying our surroundings. It was so peaceful.

    I am a new "party-goer" to this linky party. Nice to meet you, and thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful day.

    1. Same here! We are dedicated to dinner as a sacred family ritual.

  2. I've never made Lunchbox Noodles, though I do have the recipe. I'm going to dig it out right now! You make it look so good! And yes, I love to read cookbooks as novels :) What a great week! Delicious!


  3. We have just started summer and even though the kids are home with a babysitter during the week days, I'm still struggling with being with them as much as I'd like. And they are all doing their own thing for the summer, but your idea of giving them healthy things within reach is such a good idea. And yes, I read cookbooks like novels. I love Alice Waters, "The Art of Simple Food" I think she wrote it for people like us. (:

  4. Everything looks fabulous. Love that Clean Food Cookbook (well, all her books are fantastic)!

  5. Of course I read cookbooks like novels! I just bought the Oh She Glows cookbook in April. Tried some recipes with success. The mango,strawberry guacamole is awesome! I've looked for that self healing cookbook many times at my library. No luck. Love those lunch box noodles too!

  6. Reading about your summer morning routine makes me feel better about ours. We are all getting up at different times, too and so a shared breakfast doesn't really happen here right now. At least we're sitting down together for other meals. :-) You have some serious kitchen goodness going on in this weeks post!

  7. I love your pictures...and I love "Clean Food." I've been contemplating getting the "Oh She Glows" cookbook--do you recommend it?

  8. Yumm! I love your photos and your foods look delicious! That pasta, the sushi, the bananas with mangoes, the patties.... all really good luckin' food!

  9. I do sit down and read cookbooks cover to cover. My most recent "read" has been Rustic Fruit Desserts. WONDERFUL!