Sunday, June 8, 2014

to the sea

the first one to see it gets a prize, he says
as we finally reach the end of our road-trip destination, 
"there it is!" i shriek
and can't help but clap my hands.

the first thing,
yes, oh yes,
it has to be,
after all the unloading is done,
and off they all scamper 
a mad dash
of flip-flops, swimsuits, and towels
to that glorious beach 
just right across the street.

and i soon find myself 
trailing and trudging slowly behind,
and can't stop smiling at it all,
even as salty tears begin to fill my eyes.

this was all i wanted.

what i saved every last penny and dime for,
longed and hoped for,
and dreamed of at night.

a soul's stillness 
that i knew would come
even as
i hear the soaring seagull's cry,
this endless roaring rhythm 
of crashing waves.

the peace and rest that i'd embrace,
welcome, and have oh, so needed
as i feel the sun's warmth 
soaking into my skin, 
these gentle sea breezes caressing my hair .

such gifts 
these precious, yet simple moments are
of watching them play, 
the sheer and utter joy 
at their own smiles of wonder and discovery,
these colors of a blazing, setting sun,
of seeing light and water dancing
happily together,
or the way streaming rays of this same light 
brilliantly shine down 
through gray, parting clouds,

a quiet manifestation, 
some might even call it a synchronicity, 
a divine message or sign, 
a love note, if you will
to one weary, 
ever seeking 


  1. Awww, so glad you are enjoying your vacation. Very nice photos! I love living near the ocean. Nova Scotia is a peninsula, surrounded by water everywhere. I never take it for granted. You are welcome to come anytime, keep in mind the water is freezing!

  2. So happy for you! What part of CA??

  3. I hope you enjoy every precious moment!