Friday, July 18, 2014


enjoying:: this gorgeous bouquet (leftovers from a wedding the night before) Jane brought home today after meeting with a wedding planner and reception center people. No, not her own wedding. Tagging along with her friend Sarah who will wed in November. Jane will get to be a bridesmaid for the first time.

thanking:: for a miraculous, wondrous gift of kindness and generosity. for the relief and outcome of my sister's surgery yesterday. for friends, new and old. for Jane's second interview for a job at DoTerra (their brand new, beautiful campus is just down the road from us) going so well. Keeping our fingers crossed that she'll get the job.

feeling:: the contrast of slow and busy. Seeing how I have a real need for plenty of margin in my days and feeling so grateful that I can find solitude and a sense of freedom through my time at the pool and on my morning bike rides, then, coming home and heading out to weed in the garden. All of this before most people are up. 

Then taking time in the late afternoon to go up to my bedroom, close the door, read, or lay down and take a nap. Or sitting in the dark on the porch swing late Sunday night like we did, just talking with Gary and Eliza. Him whipping out his iPhone and snapping a selfie of us. So fun and rewarding how our relationship is expanding as they are becoming adults.

How I love all these times. How I need this to balance and keep me sane with all the needs, schedules, demands, and dynamics of each of the children. I find myself playing the roll of taxi driver very often most days. Taking Jane today for more blood labs, then again to the doctor on Monday, Isaac last week to get his stitches removed. Shopping outings for and with Sam in preparation to send him on his own mission. (He leaves August 20). 

I'm tired of all the running around. Drained with all the demands and responsibilities of my motherhood. But at the same time, happier than I've felt in a long time. 

going:: I've been feeling like Isaac has been a little neglected this summer with much of my focus and energies being on the big kids. So yesterday I announced to him that it would be our special day together. A trip to the library, lunch at Mountain West Burrito, and later in the afternoon, two games of bowling and a stop for ice cream. He is still hugging me today for that memory. 

Today, in between picking up Sam and dropping off Gary, these boys convinced me to stop for another round of Mountain West Burrito. Good, even the second day in a row and fun doing things like that together. Even without anything really vacation-y happening this summer, it's things like this that make the days special and memorable.

eating:: with the brown bananas calling me, how could I not resist baking some banana bread. Gluten-free/vegan and everything. We've had pretty good luck with our experiments so far.

making:: a huge list of all I have to get done from now until mid-August. Not so overwhelming getting all those thoughts out of my mind and seeing it all on paper. I work like that.

reading:: big stack. All at the same time: (click on each title for an Amazon summary)

The Kite Runner 
The Giver
Rawsome Vegan Baking
The Gluten-Free Vegan
The Gluten-Free Vegan Comfort Food

wearing:: brown leather sandals, brown pants, leopard print T-shirt. Necklace, earrings, bracelets like I do everyday. A new habit this year that makes me feel good.

listening:: loving this song lately. Especially good when I crank it up loud when I'm by myself in the car. Fleetwood Mac, always a familiar favorite.

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