Monday, July 14, 2014

i like to ride my bicycle

I've been riding my bike lately.
About three days a week mixed with 
swimming laps at the community pool.
The freedom of movement and being outside everyday 
once again has brought me so much happiness.

I leave the house just as the sun 
is coming up over the mountains.
One minute the sky is blazing pinks and yellows and then in a moment, it's gone.
That full, white moon this morning 
just hanging there against the blue was just so beautiful.
An ethereal stillness which is so calming.

This trail against the foothills once was an irrigation canal.
It's paved now and enjoyed 
by bikers, walkers, dogs on leashes, and runners.
These folks are so friendly with their smiles and waves
and friendly nods.
I often see the same familiar faces and it's starting
to feel like I'm part of a community.
And that's a fun aspect to the whole experience, too.

There's so much to notice on my rides.
You can see our whole valley and town 
from this grand view.
I just had to bring my camera and capture
it all this morning.
And I took my time.

I came home to a quiet house
and ate a peanut butter cupcake and called it my breakfast.
Lots of leftovers from our big homecoming gathering
for Jane yesterday.
Washed it down with a big, cold glass of almond milk.
Oh, baby.

What a great way to start the day.

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