Monday, July 7, 2014

music :: moments, memories, and favorites

I've been thinking about music lately.
How powerful it is. 
The joy it's given me from early childhood until today.
One of life's greatest treasures that I can't live without.


Here's a no particular order.

::  Dad's Sergio Mendes (Brazilian jazz) every Saturday while he painted or worked in his office.
::  singing along (and making my own personal recording) to Delta Dawn, Rhinestone Cowboy, and Barry Manilow.
:: my little eleven year old soul determined to be a runner after listening to Chariots of Fire over and over.
:: my older sisters' Beatles. My bedroom was next to theirs. Probably the soundtrack of my childhood.
:: us kids singing Portuguese hymns Dad taught us, but not understanding a word.
::  driving with Mom down the freeway and her blaring Whitney Houston full blast.
::  Portuguese Fado
::  vocal solo at graduation.
::  our acapella choir singing The Lord Bless You and Keep You with all the lights turned off.
::  John Rutter choral music
::  church congregation chorister duties off and on throughout the years.
::  soothing harp music in my last trimester carrying Jane.
::  Bach, Chopin
::  British drama soundtracks
::  acoustic guitar
::  traditional Indian. "...when you make curry, Mom." Isaac says.
::  Jazz. easing into it lately.
::  Frank Sinatra station on Pandora. favorite for dancing around my kitchen while making dinner.
::  Bluegrass. but Country, no thank you.
::  80's playlist in my earbuds while running.
::  kids music lessons. hours and hours of sitting through them. listening to them practicing. driving them to and from. countless recitals.
::  absolute joy with Gary and Jane at that U2 concert a few years ago.
:: my teens exposing and introducing me to lots of fun stuff. (Coldplay, Gypsy Kings, Gary's modern Arabic, Eliza's hipster tunes, etc.)

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  1. I love this. I too, enjoy music so much and am in awe of how powerful music is. Can you imagine a world without music? It is interresting to see what you are drawn to. I love acoustic guitar, jazz, folk, world music, the harp, classical, oh and more but this is what first comes to mind. Last year I encountered a musical moment that I needed to burn into my memory. We were exploring an old fortress, from the 1700's. The building we entered was right along the ocean and there were 2 men playing baroque music, it was incredible. I felt almost like I could transport myself to that era. Very powerful.