Wednesday, July 2, 2014

update on Jane (...and Em)

Since she's been home from Taiwan these three weeks (wow, it seems like it's been way longer than that), we've been in and out of doctor offices and hospitals. That, mixed with a lot of quiet days here at home. Her symptoms continue. Some days she has low energy, other days higher. Oh, how she wants to feel normal again.

She had a colonoscopy/endoscopy yesterday. So grateful for anesthesia this time around. (We'll just say that her colonoscopy experience in Taiwan was an absolute nightmare.)

Even though we are still waiting for the results of two more rounds of blood work labs, as well as what yesterday's biopsies will confirm and diagnose, her doctor told me that what he saw indicates that she has celiac disease. Probably brought on by the salmonella poisoning she was diagnosed with back in March. Although we've researched celiac and all that this life-long illness entails, Jane feels like she's had many its symptoms for quite some time.

As you can imagine, we are learning all we can, and are waiting for more information when we go to her follow-up appointment later this month--learning how this disease will impact her lifestyle, as well as our family's day-to-day living. I'm trying to wrap my brain around how this will effect my baking, especially, and pantry set up. I do feel like we'll be just fine. I've learned so much already with our journey to a plant-based, whole food vegan diet (meaning, mostly me and the girls) that adding this gluten-free component will not be as difficult as it could be. I love to cook and learn new things in the kitchen, I have a passion for nutrition and health, and am so grateful that we live in a time and area where so many resources and products are available to us.

Like I said, it will be a journey. And I know that Jane will someday regain her health.

In other health-related news...

I guess I jumped the gun with my last post regarding my footSince Monday's x-ray indicating that my stress fracture was healed; (still feeling so grateful for that) this blessing finally permitting me to be able to lose the boot and scooter, I've been experiencing similar pain to what I felt even before my surgery. Deep, dull pain that is all too familiar. Even doing the bare minimum as far as activity these last two days. (No walks and no runs.)

So I went back to the doctor today and through ultrasound, it confirmed that I'm pretty much back to square one.

And I'm numb.

I feel almost ridiculous for having such high hopes. At this point I honestly don't feel any amount of hope. I feel like I've been on an emotional roller coaster. (tears... so many tears of pain, discouragement, despair, and even joy.) And at this point no end in sight as to what can be done about it now and in the coming days and months. 

Even with being off my foot all this time-- which would have been the perfect treatment for the plantar fasciitis-- that, and now the cortisone shot I received today hasn't seemed to make a dent with this inflammation and pain. And since I haven't put weight on my heel for a month, (plus all the time trying to recover since the surgery in March) the stress fracture pain, probably since the beginning of my recovery, seems to have masked the ongoing, never-ending, even-with-surgery plantar fascittis. And I haven't really been able feel the difference or an improvement between the two problems. 

I guess the best way I can define this whole ordeal is it going from bad to worse and now back to bad. And for the foreseeable future, I've been directed to spend as little time on my feet as possible.



  1. Sorry to hear about your foot...that must be so frustrating. :( And I have to say, if anyone can help your daughter get a grip on her health through good nutrition, it's you. She's in good hands. :)

  2. Thank you for these kind words, Michelle. xo

  3. Oh Emily, I just don't know what to say...That foot of yours. My, my, my. And you got such great news last week. I so wish this was a resolved issue for you. Prayers as always my friend. As far as Jane and Celiac, she'll be just fine. And who would be better to do all this new cooking? My brother has celiac disease and his wife is a great baker, who has done lots of her own experimenting and her baking is delicious. There is so much product out there now, so many people have gluten intolerances. My brother finds he can't even handle gluten dust or some shampoos have it in it, imagine! With some education, she'll be just fine. You guys eat so well. Funnily enough I remember looking at one of your posts long ago and you had a picture of fresh white buns, saying how much your family loved them and my thoughts were "oh its good no one at that house has gluten issues!"

  4. Emily! I am so sorry to hear this! Sending get well wishes to you and Jane! I understand the frustration of the healing roller coaster. It is definitely a journey. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Lots of love!!!!